“Going Green Friday” kicks off in Gros Islet tonight

“Going Green Friday” kicks off in Gros Islet tonight

PRESS RELEASE – The commencement of the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) fourth anniversary celebration, which is scheduled to get underway at the Gros Islet Street Party this evening, perhaps marks the very first time in the history of the country that any political organisation has marketed itself at an event of this magnitude and in this manner.

With Saint Lucia’s changing demographics pointing to an increasingly youthful population with little or no attachment to the established political parties in the country (the Saint Lucia Labour Party and the United Workers Party), it is perhaps an opportune moment for the LPM to differentiate itself from these other parties.

Moreover, with very few indications of improvement in Saint Lucia’s economy, and an increasing sense of frustration and hopelessness among the island’s youth, the telling signs of the extent of their pain (even as they are out partying) cannot be any clearer.

Therefore, as a political organisation, the decision to meet with the young people of Saint Lucia on their own turf this evening, and in a setting other than the usual forum in which politicians feel comfortable dispensing diatribes and untruths to their most ardent followers, is demonstrative of a party that is in tune with the times.

Moreover, the LPM sees this as a real opportunity to rally the young people to seek meaningful change that will one day enable them to become stakeholders in the management of their own country.

Friday’s event is expected to be one with a marked difference. Under the theme “Going Green Friday,” the LPM plans to distribute thousands of green glow bracelets to local residents and visitors arriving at the Gros Islet Street Party.

The LPM also plans to show its support to the local business establishments in the town of Gros Islet by handing out a number of restaurant vouchers (among other non-food prizes, such as electronic items and books) to selected participants wearing green outfits which best symbolise the “Going Green Friday” theme.



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  1. Insider ; lol why join an established organization which has also shown , that they are no diffrent to the current , party in power... Just saying ! I feel the need to say " the problem we now face didn't start 2&half years ago . I am certain the technocrats working behind the various minister can attest to that ., I am also certain that the ministers whether , UWP / SLP did not and still don't listen to or take advise from the " Technocrats " working with them !


  2. What is your objective Prudent? Do you really think you can convince the people that you can make the necessary change? Dissolve the LPM and join the UWP. Whatever little contribution you can offer give your support to the UWP so we can get rid of these SLP idiots!!


  3. LPM, I believe is a powerhouse of great and necessary reform ideas that may never see the light of day in terms of implementation.

    First, tribal politics and a singular lack of political sophistication and maturity in this society will not even allow one of these fellows to survive politically as an independent.

    Next, the unfortunate low-information processing characteristic of those over 25 years old does not make for a learning society. It seems like the older folk will have to be buried first before Saint Lucia ever starts to take off as a sustainable developing economy.

    Don't kill the messenger. The evidence of a lack of ideas to turn this ship of state around is all around us.

    Only those who are barely benefiting from the carcass of what our greedy politicians have been unable to grab for themselves are in defence of all that is happening now, and all those in power now to provide the political crumbs.

    This comment, because it is not favouring the SLP, this pro-SLP SNO mouthpiece may cut this comment off too.


  4. LPM, can you use that saw and cut off these old, crooked trees called SLP and UWP? It's time for change!


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