Grand Riviere shooting victim requires another major surgery

Grand Riviere shooting victim requires another major surgery
Robert Stanley
Robert Stanley

(SNO) — A GoFundMe account has been created to assist in raising funds for entrepreneur and photographer Robert “Bobby” Stanley who was shot earlier this year.

He has already undergone a major surgery to remove a bullet that was lodged in his head but now has to undergo another to remove fluids in the same part of his body.

The surgery costs $20,000 and relatives are appealing for assistance.

“We ask for your support with the cost of this surgery and the after-care of Bobby,” relatives said in forming the GoFundMe account. “He would require physiotherapy and other supplies to enable him to become the Bobby we know and love.”

The incident that changed Stanley’s life took place after 11 p.m. on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 in Morne Serpent, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet.

The GoFundMe account creator said Stanley was laying down on a sofa at home when he was “shot twice in the head”. Other reports suggests that Stanley, who is in his late 20s, was shot by a lone gunman, as he slept.

“Our family was broken, we thought we lost him,” his relatives said. “Frantically our family began to put money together so he could have a surgery ($40,000) to remove the bullet which is lodged in his head in hopes to save his life. Bobby is strong, very strong and the surgery went ok.”

They said Stanley was placed in a coma to help his body heal and when he was taken out, it showed how strong he was with his quick response.

However, more bad news was to follow since recent MRIs show that he had fluids in his head.

Relatives were told that he would have to undergo another major surgery to remove the fluids, which costs $20,000.

“We thank you for support in advance,” the relatives said.

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  1. For years so many Lucians have paid NIC. Some have never claimed or gotten anything back. Why can't NIC make a major contribution in such cases? What is NIC doing with ALL the money they have? Maybe a bunch of top workers being pd hefty salaries to do what? I hv pd NIC and my parents etc. I say gv the ppl atleast $5,000.00


    • Totally agreed.....We can't keep breaking our family and friends hands to assist in times like these and NIC sitting on a gold mine.........WE make everything about politics but NIC is robbing St.Lucians blind and we are rallying and saying nothing about
      OUR hard earn money...WAKE up Luciansss


    • NIC is a pension scheme. If they deplete the funds to help all Tom Dick and Harry how will they be able pay us our Pension when it's due.


      • "Just saying" will you kindly shut up if u have no idea what u are saying? If lucians knew their rights theyd6know the benefits of N.I.C its cause they don't know they don't go n claim THEIR!! money they worked hard for with your pension bullshit you're saying if I fall sick they will tell me no that's my pension money? Jackass
        If somebody does today whoever name is on the papers when paying for their funeral that person can go to N.I.C to claim their money spent once they have a copy of the deceased death certificate and birth certificate along with some other shit N.I.C should be able to help the family in paying for the surgery (if he paying N.I.C that is) it's ignorant people like you that make lucians more ignorant


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