GoDominica.com, a new tool for tourism in Dominica

GoDominica.com, a new tool for tourism in Dominica

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – GoDominica.com, a new business initiative for the tourism industry in Dominica, was introduced to the public last week at the Business Recovery Exposition in Roseau.

It will be a new booking platform open to all tourism providers in Dominica, accommodations, activities, and rental companies. Hospitality providers are offered a free listing on this website which will be launched shortly to potential visitors worldwide using smart re-marketing techniques to attract new bookings for the island.

New Bookings Needed

The hospitality industry in Dominica is recovering from the devastation by hurricane Maria and it can use all the help it can get to attract tourists to its shores. The upcoming summer season will be a big challenge to all accommodations and tourism activities because many tourists will think that Dominica is not open toward its usual nature tourism. And looking at the winter season 2018-2019 it will be important to capture a booking of every possible stay-over visitor or cruise ship passenger.

GoDominica.com, a very easy to remember domain name, has opened its portal website to all tourism providers in Dominica who are interested in advanced bookings. This means that all types of accommodations (hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfasts, cottages, home-stays, etc.) and activities (tours, hikes, dives, whale-watching, sea fishing, etc) are welcome to join for free. The website will work on a commission only basis for bookings it realizes for its participants. Also rentals of cars, scooters, 4-wheel drives etc can join this booking channel.

Proven Experience

Two originally Dutch entrepreneurs both living in Dominica have joined forces and invest their proven business experience in this new initiative. Rudolf Stomps came to live in Dominica last November after being a resident of St Maarten for the last 9 years. In the summer of 2017, before hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the Caribbean, Rudolf and his wife had decided to move to Dominica and the damages done by the storms couldn’t change their plans.

In Picard they had met Hans Schilders, co-owner of the successful small Hotel The Champs, who has been sharing his internet marketing ideas with fellow hoteliers during the 10 years he is living and working in Dominica.

Rudolf has already built websites that sell tourism activities for St Maarten and Anguilla and Hans have achieved high occupancy percentages for his accommodation in Picard. Combining those two proven skills and having access to a very good domain name brings the right ingredients for a booking platform that is much needed at this moment for the hospitality in Dominica.

Completing the team is experienced and bilingual guide Venelda Beautreau, best know as Vivi. She is familiar with most of the tour operators and all taxi drivers that offer activities to the cruise ship passengers and stay-over tourists. As an account manager Vivi will help to complete the offer of GoDominica.com.

Re-Marketing is Key

Just simply having a website on the overcrowded internet is no longer enough to attract bookings of potential visitors who have a wide choice of booking platforms. If Dominica wants to compete on the world market, then it needs the best marketing techniques that are available today. Re-marketing is a key tool that has proven to be successful and this will be the key element of operation of GoDominica.com.

Re-marketing means that once a visitor has come to a website a first time, that same website will be advertised to that internet user during the next 30 to 60 days in Google searches and on other websites using cookies and AdWords. Rudolf Stomps has been optimizing his skills with this technique and can compete with the big booking platforms in the tourism industry. Hans and Rudolf a convinced that a specialized website for Dominica promoted with smart re-marketing will bring more bookings to the island than platforms that promote every accommodation and activity in the world. Full focus on the Nature Island will make the difference.

Free Listings and Advertising

As indicated above, all tourism providers in Dominica who work with advanced bookings are invited to contact GoDominica.com for a free listing on the booking site. Other businesses who want to attract visitors they are on island, like restaurants, bars, shops, etc. can contact GoDominica.com for advertising on the website. On bookings made through GoDominica.com a commission will be charged. Advertisers will just pay a competitive low rate and direct the visitors by a link to their own website.

For more information please contact Rudolf Stomps at 767 277-8792 or Hans Schilders at 767-616-3002 or email to [email protected]


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