Goats being sexually assaulted in Cabiche, Babonneau? Some residents believe it has happened

Goats being sexually assaulted in Cabiche, Babonneau? Some residents believe it has happened
Photo of a goat

goatSome residents of Cabiche, Babonneau including a family who lost a beloved goat earlier this year, strongly believe that a known individual has had or is having sexual affairs with animals, particularly goats, in the community.

In April this year, several residents contacted St. Lucia News Online (SNO) and informed our newsroom about a family who lost a nanny goat after it was suspected of being sexually assaulted.

SNO finally got in touch with the family this week. A woman, who identified herself as the wife of the goat owner, spoke to us about the incident, but preferred anonymity to protect the family’s privacy.

According to the woman, the alleged victim was a female goat, brown and black in colour, named Timpia, that was given to her three-year-old son as a gift.

She said the male goat, named Timple, belongs to her nine-year-old son.

“They (children) had them from babies hence the reason why we didn’t eat them, because we were asked to sell them but we never did,” she told SNO.

The female goat died in late March.

“The goat was tied some way from my house and someone came to tell my husband the goat is just lying there,” she said.

“So when he went to check it he saw the goat just lying there, the vagina swollen and bleeding and it died couple days after,” she explained.

The family said a young man is suspected of committed the act.

“And there is a guy around, a young guy who has this habit. Everybody is saying he did it because we have two goats, a male and a female and the male was untouched,” she said.

According to the woman, a veterinarian said the animal should have been brought in for examination to determine the cause of death.

“We just buried it. The vet said we did wrong, we should have called her and they would have checked it,” she said.

The woman said she was willing to report the matter to the police because bestiality is a crime, but her husband was against this. He did not want any drama and he was concerned about his privacy, she said.

She also disclosed that her husband was informed that the incident was the topic of discussion on a popular radio talk show.

Left now with the male goat, the family has no intention to replace Timpia, unless they received another as a gift. The family is not into farming either.

Meanwhile, a veterinarian, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told SNO that despite reports that animals such as goats have died as a result of intercourse with human beings, there is no “scientific data” to prove that this is possible.

Several other residents in the community told SNO that persons in Babonneau who have been victims of suspected bestiality are not coming forward to report the matter due to fear of being ridiculed.

One resident said it is important that a report is made because no one wants to consume meat that was sexually assaulted by a human.

Normally, animals who are victims of sexual assault, are killed.

A police official from the Babonneau station told SNO that they have not received any formal reports in recent times about suspected acts of bestiality, but noted that “generally” over the years persons have been arrested on suspicion of committing the act.


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  1. Really sad to hear this....however it could have been Natural cause due to trying to give birth....#justsaying. The family should have consulted with the vet...just for peace of mind.


  2. Smh, why them people doing that? What are they getting from doing that? People need to come foward to tell the police what is happening because that is really disgusting tbh


  3. People its 2017 surveillance is microscopic and wireless, get a goat with a phat vagina and use it as bait record the sicko! Salope kokay kawit


  4. Shut your ... mouth you all have no respect for ...g people my husband said he has no proof the guy did it so he wont point finger in you m... wtf now


  5. not only Babonneau pierrot vieux fort also.....that same guy had sex with a elderly woman wearing pampers....


  6. So SNO, that is the best picture you can get of goat? Why it giving people sexy eyes uh?


    • i think that comment is sick and so are the up votes. by the way, the poor animals do die from those beastly acts. those who do that ought to be executed.


  7. Omggggg. Why do people do these things. And the worst thing is sometimes the owners kill and sell the animals meat . I am not saying every owner will but we know people already. This person needs to be stopped. I remember a few years ago in micoud a young man had sex with a fowl, he was sentenced for a few years for beastiality.


  8. First of all this is disgusting. Secondly Goat is already expensive in St. Lucia around $20.00 a lb which only means demand is high but supplies are low. Why the hell? Why?


  9. Not only Babonneau this has happended pierrot vieux fort also...the guy who had sex with elderly woman in pampers.......


  10. If no one reports this will continue. So who going to put a stop to this? So he free to do the next animal.


  11. What an utter shame and disgrace, this young man should be sent for a mental health evaluation,before he harms more innocent animals


  12. I don't know why you'll fools afraud to report this sickening act on animals. You'll not the ones sexing goats dog,cows whatever they get they sex once it have legs these sons of satan.Freaking Sodom and Gomorrah,with the animal kingdom.You'll better report this because people don't want to get sick eating man sperm in animals.human dicks,and sperm in animals,you'll better capture the son of a bitch before you'll have a epidemic like mad cow disease on you'll hands St Lucia.


  13. AA dem goats watching too many Lifetime movies! So it seems Timple kill his wife so his jabal from Marigot named Snow can move in with their kid. Snow go and meet her man and you'll saying they tiff you'll goat...lmao


    • That comment is not funny..because if there is someone committing that disgusting act they need to be punish..shame shame shame on who ever is doing that..God have mercy on u all souls


      • There is actually no evidence to suggest that this true. This entire article is mere speculation. Like the Vet advised they should have brought the goat to be tested.Only then would I take this sorry seriously. Lighten up....geez why so serious?


        • If the article isn't true why is it being published.. obviously they interviews the owners...and they are to blame talking about they don't want drama smh..


          • Not true because they need expert evaluation in this case the vet to say that the goat was actually sexually assaulted. They cannot just say that is the case even though a lot of the circumstances point to that.


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