UPDATE: Vincentian speed boat captain charged

UPDATE: Vincentian speed boat captain charged
A Coast Guard helicopter from Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron in Jacksonville maneuvers over a Coast Guard tactical training boat. After the pilots get the helicopter into position, a gunner aboard the helicopter will simulate shooting out the engines of the boat. * Photo credit: US Coast Guard

The captain of a speed boat, who had St. Lucian marine police chasing him last week while the other occupants of the vessel were observed dumping cargo overboard, has been convicted of failing to stop when ordered to do so.

A Castries magistrate fined 31-year-old Ezikiel Robin, $1,600 to be paid forthwith.

Robin’s countrymen who were also on the boat – 24-year-old Keith James, 25-year-old Kemicche Theobald and 37-year-old Rudolfo Alexander – were released from police custody without charge.

The speedboat was seized by the State.

Police said on Tuesday, Oct. 23, Marine Unit officers observed a “suspicious vessel commonly referred to as a Go Fast” while on patrol within the territorial waters of St. Lucia.

Police said a chase ensued after the lawmen ordered the captain of the boat stop.

The occupants of the vessel were observed throwing cargo overboard, police said.

The vessel was intercepted and boarded about 13 nautical miles southeast of St. Lucia.

Police said a search was conducted on the boat as well as on its occupants.




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  1. Thats how its done these days, dumping it into the ocean and getting paid large sums of mola.. Especially the Vincys, thats all they do to make the doe.. Youll are a bit late cause so many cargo as be dumped into the saint lucian waters unsupectedly..


    • what are u talking about vincentain like to dump weed in st Lucia water like if is vincy along use it to make money every part of d world use it so stop talk like a fool people from st. Lucia come to vincy water and do the same so what ever. we do what we do to stay alife .


      • choops you do what you do to stay 'alive' LOL You can't spell? & that's besides the point! It is ILLEGAL to do!


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