Globe 2 Globe Hamlet cast and crew arrive

Globe 2 Globe Hamlet cast and crew arrive

PRESS RELEASE – Cast and crew from Shakespeare Globe Theatre arrived on St. Lucia earlier today. Their visit forms part of an unprecedented 2 year tour which will take them to every country in the world for the staging of Hamlet.

Saint Lucia is the forty-fourth stop out of two hundred and five nations where Hamlet will be staged in this theatrical adventure.

Theatre director Peter Brook said: “The six simplest words in the English language are TO BE OR NOT TO BE. There is hardly a corner of the planet where these words have not been translated.


Even in English, those who can’t speak the language will at once recognise the sound and exclaim ‘Shakespeare!’ Hamlet is the most all-encompassing of Shakespeare’s plays.

Everyone, young or old can today find an immediate identification with its characters, their pains and their interrogations. To take Hamlet in its original language around the world is a bold and dynamic project. It can bring a rich journey of discovery to new audiences everywhere.”

Officials from the Cultural Development Foundation were at the George Charles Airport on Monday afternoon to greet the internationally acclaimed thespians who were beyond thrilled to be in St. Lucia for a theatrical production.

Members of the cast remarked at how beautiful the Caribbean is, having so far visited and performed in the Bahamas; Cuba; Jamaica; Dominican Republic; Haiti; St. Kitts & Nevis; Antigua and Dominica.

The single performance of Hamlet takes place on Tuesday, September 9, from 7:30 pm at the Gaiety in Rodney Bay.



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  1. In this hard economic system just to watch a movie hamlet. Aaa it seems is Jesus Christ that's there awa awa ridiculous


  2. Shame on the organizers, one would think that something of such significance would have been made accessible to a much wider section of the public and would also have been publicized a lot more. A mere week of publicity could never be enough to alert the wider public to this upcoming event which I think every St.Lucian (with the means $80) should try their best to attend. it appears to me this activity will end up being another "clique" thing like the one at Fond D'OR.



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