GIS wins 2012 karaoke competition

GIS wins 2012 karaoke competition

The Civil Service Association continues to redefine the tradition of carolling by the hosting of the Annual CSA Karaoke Competition.

Nine participants from the Civil Service competed in the 2012 CSA Karaoke finals with the Government Information Service’s own Kerril Victor emerging as the champion.

The appropriately named Mr. Victor shared his experience performing on stage: “The performance went pretty good; to tell you the truth the song I submitted was not the song that was played, so the song I sang too was the first time I sang the song, but I sang it to the best of my ability, and it was just right, it was good enough and I did my best and the results showed that for sure.”

Mr. Victor, who is no stranger to the performing arts, is a member of his church choir and theatre group, Youth Spark.

Education Research and Industrial Relations Officer of the Civil Service Association, McStephen Aubertin, recognised that the evening’s competition proved that the CSA was full of many talented individuals who should be encouraged. Mr. Aubertin explained that the purpose of the competition was  to create more of a fellowship among  CSA members.

“Sometime in January this year, we were toying with ideas about what we could do to attract our membership to social activities and the idea of the karaoke came about, so we decided “ok”  let’s try it out sometime in  March this year. It was fantastic, the crowds, I mean the walls were bursting at the seams and they said it was so successful, let’s do it again sometime, so we just said OK let’s do it Christmas time, but this time around only make it Christmas songs so that is what is really happening here tonight.”

According to Mr. Aubertin, the nine finalists were chosen from two previous preliminary competitions held on November  22  and 29.


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