GIS NEWS: Prime Minister Chastanet says crime is directly related to many social ills

GIS NEWS: Prime Minister Chastanet says crime is directly related to many social ills
Felicien's body being remove from the crime scene.
Felicien's body being remove from the crime scene.
Felicien’s body being remove from the crime scene.

Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Hon. Allen M Chastenet said there are many social ills that need to be addressed to help reduce the crime apparent on the island.

“When you look at the homicides and how many of them really were domestic, I am not so sure that the police could have done anything to prevent them, so that points to a social problem. People seem to have great difficulty with conflict resolution.

“People seem to be under a lot of stress so those are some things where fixing the economy and generating money is going to help. I think that developing an after school program and teaching kids values through sports, celebrating our churches and the values that they promote, and trying to get better family lives are very important things.”

The prime minister went on to detail some of the ways that the government aims to tackle crime.

“Government’s plan to deal with crime is multi-faceted. One, trying to assist policemen in their investgations and getting those arrests made faster; two, to improve the quality of the courts to be able to prosecute people and if they are found guilty to get a conviction much faster; and three, that for young people going into prison, we find a halfway house for them because the idea of sending a 17 or 18 year-old kid into prison even if it is for remand, means that that person starts getting accustomed to a different way of life.”

The prime minister said these are critical measures that had to be taken at a critical time.


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  1. Now that he's discovered the link between social dysfunction and crime, are we led to believe that the earth revolving around the sun will be next?


  2. Trumpism is very much alive in fair Helen. Trump has blamed everything on Obama . . . Hurricane Allen blames everything on Kenny, Kenny, Kenny! Why? Because they both have not a clue as to what they are doing!


  3. These ghettoes were there during the time of Compton, most of them were.

    Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity.

    – Colossians 4: 5


  4. Campeche:
    Both you and your boss, ‘Ti Chas, have it @$$-backwards!
    1. Your headline is wrong – it should have said: Crime is directly related to many social ills.

    2. Hence, the details provided by ‘Ti Chas are mere ‘plasters’, since they do not address the root causes of crime – social ills.

    3. The greatest social ill is the perpetuation of “private finance” – as used to keep 99.99% of any ‘sovereign’ nation in perpetual slavery.


  5. Our education system should shoulder most of the blame for what's happening in this country. The system has failed and continues to fail our people.


  6. Wait but the measures identified by the pm don't address the issues he highlighted. Is that really the vision?????


  7. Yhe guys they look up to as there role model have a lot to with the crime situation when you have you man calling Richard fedrick boss or father what do you expect them to do he was the main man of one of the plitical party's now he is the spoke person for the other party guys like Richard fedrick is one of the main course of the drug problem in st lucia you to spend some money to investigate the guy


  8. Psst! Want to do something about rampant crime? Stop the culture of talk and do something about it.


  9. DUHHH!!!! Seems like we have Captain Obvious as our PM. State how you intend on dealing with the issues, pointing out problems is one thing but presenting solutions is another. As our Leader that's what we need.

    This is like you house flooding and your plumber comes t say " Well water is the cause of the flood"

    Please solve the issue as you said you would before elections. BTW, the after school programs that you cut was meant to help address these social ills.


    • SLP did not even have the skills, to recognise what the problem was. They are still today at the 'my son is a very good boy' stage, when he has had several holidays at Her Majesty's Hotel.

      They say for solving any problem, you need to first recognise that there is a problem. If you do not see or cannot see a problem, how on earth are you even going to attempt to solve it, in the first place?


  10. Prime liar u said u would have stopped it so please speare us the excuses and roll out the plan u have.


  11. We refuse to accept the fact that for the past 30 years we have been destroying the bedrock of a decent and stable society - which is the family. .
    In St. Lucia 87%of kids are born outside of marriage. Endless research shows there is a direct correlation between this and crime. From America and their attack on the African American culture we have the effect of the lyrics of the 'black' music which glorifies slackness. We cannot say anything about it or we are 'racist'
    Aside from the breakdown of the family we promote or turn a blind eye to marijuana usage and its effect on the brains of our children. Fact.

    This and endless other things shows we no longer accept personal responsibility. Governance is about what government and society will allow us to do no matter how wrong it is.
    Chastanet's head may be in the right place but he is wrong because he is talking about crime which is a SYMPTOM of what is wrong with St. lucia and not the REASON.

    Crime is because of the slackness, the breakdown of marriage, the marijuana usage, the drift away from God. The lack of personal responsibility.
    Unfortunately no body wants to hear that we just want to follow our failed liberal elite class here and in America and the UK and the UN and focus and promote homosexuality instead of what really matters.




  13. I am no scholar but shouldn't it have been "Crime is directly related to social ills"? Any way, onto other things. Hurricane Allen, didn't you come in and met an after school program already in place? What did you do with it? You talk about "celebrating our churches and the values that they promote" but you have Ubaldus holding onto power even though he was involved in you know what and while at the same time you have men like Guy, youself, and others pilfering money from poor Helen.

    Hurricane Allen, I must tell you all hurricanes will eventually lose its power and your turn will come soon!


    • The statement is more objective than you might realise. It takes in more of the wider social issues responsible than you might want to include. It is not narrow.


  14. This is very correct. He inherited this massive problem. But this has serious implications. Our elites ignored the growing youth problem, of no job skills. They have been very busy fulling the heads of the young with mainly noisy entertainment, and not knowledge that makes them ready for work.

    Look it! These badly educated young people, can only do low-paying jobs like hotel cleaning and cutting grass. CXC qualified to be chamber maids and ordinary grass cutters. Look at the age profile of those people if you want more proof. Most are in their twenties and under 40 years of age. This means that the education system of the predominantly SLP governments did absolutely noting to prepare them for a good future. Stop blaming the parents. The politicians are getting over-generous pensions, greater than the man in the street for all the hot air they have delivered in exchange.

    Such an abdication of responsibility does not help with the youth self-esteem, except when in a crowd screaming at the top of their lungs, en rouge, en rouge. Then they go back to their plywood homes, if they even got that, still poor and quite dejected. But now, they are even more stupid for wasting time. They have to wait again, to be called to cut grass again.

    Gangs for self-esteem, and drugs as income do appear, to a lot of those people, as a better alternative. There you have it, the curse of our nasty Saint Lucian politics. Where the next eruption will happen is any one's guess. The SLP created several ghettos including Conway, Grave Yard, Egard, Bois Patat, Marchand, Bruce Ville, and Grass Street.


    • a bank teller is not better than a person who cuts grass.we are all different. both parties should take blame for poor education...


      • The person never said anything about any bank teller. Example is not proof anyways.

        If the current education system is not going according to the hopes and dreams of the young and they are playing truant, because there is no good job after leaving school, whose fault it is? Is it the poor parents who may not be educated themselves?


    • So because he "inherited" the problem, he should not correct it? And if this is not what you are saying, then how much time does he need to redress the situation? You know, the sad thing is that once we say we inherited a problem, we really mean that it is not us that created it so iris not us that will solve it. This is our cultural thinking. In that case, all our problems will continue to fester. Now, tell me one problem in life that was not "inherited" . Please stop making excuses and behaving like apologists.


      • What a way to jump to conclusion. This kind of thinking is for Maria Islands lizards. First, it is assumed that by making that statement, it means that the writer is saying 'he should not correct it'. Dat is not even derre uhn, but people are being accused. Some people's brains like their reasoning, have serious holes in them, like Swiss cheese.


        • Firstly, an assumption is never there. It is a conclusion drawn from a statement made. Secondly, if is was not important to him, why did the commentator bother to say that the problem was inherited? If this is a given, then it makes no sense to say what is obvious. So we can rightfully assume the commentator's intention.


    • U sound more uneducated than the young people u talking about please get ur information correct b4 u point ur ignorance I can bet u don't live in SLU


      • Don't be a jackass. Living or not living in Saint Lucia does not make the crime problem disappear. Tell the person where they went wrong. Just saying that the information is incorrect only makes you an expert on nothing. Nothing is all you have shown for correcting the all wrong information given. This makes you one hell of a smart ass.


    • Grave Yard and Conway were ghettos from since Compy days he even made a housing scheme to try to move the Conway people, those who took it don't regret it. Gang Violence in Marchard and Grass Street been going on since the 1990's.

      I can agree that the SLP did a-lot of crap like wasting resources on useless people who never avail themselves, but remember this current government had a crime surge in the middle of their last tenure which got so bad that it prompted OPERATION RESTORE CONFIDENCE and by stopping after school programmes, projects and sending people home this time around just making it worse.

      As far as politicians and salaries are concerned you should take a look at the UWP. Largest Cabinet ever which increased our annual expenditure by over $100,000.00(one hundred thousand dollars). They even offered Lady Janice 5 grand a month.

      BTW I hope you know that there are college and university grads flipping burgers and packing warehouses in the mighty USA and other developed countries, I even saw a documentary of an IT grad who went state to state doing odd jobs just to take care of his daughters under Obama's tenure. Not every one gets the job they want or deserve.

      This world is no Eutopia, no government has all the answers or does everything right, but if blaming the SLP for all our current woes is what floats your boat or helps you sleep at night be my guest.


      • Go and read out the election returns for constituent boxes, after each election since Labour came into power. Bring out the figures and the facts.

        Then tell us how many years and opportunities SLP had, to convert those ghettos into more comfortable living areas for those people in the Conway and in the Grave Yard.

        Also, tell us the plans, the changes they even attempted, to make quality of life changes for just those two areas. You will see that SLP spent its time, trying to convert Saint Lucia into another Cuba along the lines of Fidel Castro for all those years. That is its legacy.

        When Odlum failed to take over Radio Saint Lucia, there were talks of guns on Rat Island. When Kenny took over, he had Castro's RENT-A-CROWD buses, taking the hoodwinked from rally to rally. Then he got them to accept plywood housing, when annually, we face hurricane force winds that would turn those around like tin foil at 75 miles per hous. We got socialist housing. That is progress.

        For employment, we got revolving temporary work for youngsters to cut grass annually. Hooray, for lackey Soviet-style government.


        • I agree that the ballot boxes from different polling stations tell the parties who exactly voted for them from what areas. That is why certain areas are punished for their lack of support of the winning party. In pin point fashion they know who voted for them or not.

          When it comes to this, a lot of people are very stupid. Some people count only votes. Some people write down the areas instead with the votes.

          Some people get all flustered about who won by so many or so few votes. The parties look at the ballot boxes coming from the particular polling stations.

          Once again an uneducated mass of voters are taken for a ride. Saint Lucians never learn. Watch the fuss come next elections.


      • You are reinforcing the points made. Children are not born criminals, even when they are from criminal parents. However, if they are not given opportunities through education to lift themselves from their surroundings, they copy the ways of life of those around them. They believe that they have made it when the sport the latest most expensive cell phone, footwear, and when they grow older, the audi. They have almost no chance to escape this.


    • Still blaming the SLP even after a whole year, the PM said he had the answers for Crime and it has only gotten worse. So Uwp has not fault in the matter at all smh