GIS NEWS: Decision to find new location for NCC might be made this week

GIS NEWS: Decision to find new location for NCC might be made this week
Panoramic view of inside National Cultural Centre.
Panoramic view of inside National Cultural Centre.
Panoramic view of inside National Cultural Centre.

Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet recently discussed possible new locations for the National Cultural Centre.

“The Cultural Development Foundation had a meeting last week and they are going on a sight inspection to a couple of the venues, so hopefully by [this week] we will be able to settle on a new location, if in fact the move does take place,” he said.

“The one that I believe has the greatest opportunity is a piece of land [situated] behind Caribbean Metals in Union. It is in close proximity, there is a bus station that pedestrians have access to, it has water, electricity, road access, plenty of space for parking, a huge lake, and great ambience.”

The prime minister said while he hopes that location is chosen, it is up to the artisans to make that decision.

The prime minister also spoke of the Carnival season presently in full swing. He said he is happy to see the way in which the event is progressing.

Carnival and all of the activities that make up the event are now part of Soliel, the Saint Lucia Summer Festival. As such the prime minister said that just like all of the other components that fall under the Soleil umbrella, due attention and finance can now be given to the event.

“Last year the government spent EC$14 million on the Jazz Festival. So what we did was to put that entire $14 million back into the events committee, and now they are dividing it up over six events. The two largest events are Carnival and the Creole Heritage Festival.

“This is the first year, and I am really happy to see that people are starting to see what the concept is. I know that there was a lot of scepticism to begin with, but with the success of the Roots and Soul Festival, we received very strong feedback. Regarding the Carnival season, I believe that they are putting about $3 million dollars into it to beef up the overall production. I was very excited about the location for the opening of carnival being the Vigie field, and once we finalize if we are going to move the Cultural Centre or not, it creates another option for a venue for carnival.”


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  1. Great location. Don't sleep on youll that that and run.. We behaving as if everything must be walking distance. We leave here and go and watch cruck overseas, we leave her and go to Trinidad carnival, St.vincent carnival..we even going Miami carnival, but want to make noice over a venue. take it and stop playing the petty politics. Boots have Big Wood at the NCC, who knows part two will be HugeWood at the new venue.


  2. I for one wish The Cultural Development Foundation would choose this location based on the many possibilities of the site. I hope they don't go and design it for just indoor activities but both indoor an outdoor too and make sure the designs can be modern and also used as a multi events venue because we are lacking in such venues or venues period. They can make good use of the lake once they have proper lifeguards, security and health measures in place. I can already vision the type of events that can be hosted there once it's done right. And I hope the site also incorporates a nice adventure park type of setting also to attract children and parents to come and have a nice time and spend money once there aren't any shows going on in order for the foundation to make even more monies whereby the venue can be self sustaining. That's the way to go when doing things instead of building and hoping government will fund you every year till the end. The Cultural Center should be modern, have access for both indoor and outdoor type of events, should have an entertainment park and food court with slides and whatever that both young and old can enjoy, make use of the lake for water sports and water based activities and lots of secure parking. And the building should be big to hold any size show and capacity of patrons.


    • So all os a sudden, we have lake ? And we don't even have lifeguards on our public beaches where people bathe every day, but we will put lifeguards near the Caribbea n Metals lake? This area is prone to flooding, so we will have to spend a lot of money to establish proper drainage, and it will cost a great deal to lay out the infrastructure for the area. So I hope the artistes give careful thought to this proposal before jumping into the lake with both feet ! Actually, I am laughing my head off right now at the thought that we will soon be able to boast to the world that we have a lake ! Ai, Ai, how is me uh? Since when ? Let's have a competition to find an appropriate name for our newly discovered lake !


      • The Lake was a quarry which flooded years ago and it's not all of a sudden. If you check the area out from google earth you will also see the lake. The area has proper infrastructure cause there are lots available for sale there which was stated on the billboards near the choc bridge. About the place prone for flooding and all the rest of your concerns which are good. there are means and ways of building in flood prone areas which can be adopted and yes it will be costly but once it is designed and built properly I'm sure the building and grounds can cover the cost. If we stay with the small minded thinking that you are displaying nothing will be done. the world moves ahead of us and shows us ways in which things can be done properly but as we are mostly populated like people like yourself we can't take advice, example and whatever it takes to move forward and make use of what has already been done or tested. Why you think we have so many brilliant brains but they can never do anything right here they always have to go out and invent and develop stuff. Because we run down things way too much without seeing how it can be done. We run down the dennery segment music for so long with not even realising that they were creating something out of nothing. A new sound a new beat. But now it is here to stay we can embrace it with some still saying it is too smutty without showing them the way to clean it up. Let us think big and better than how we are thinking and use what happens in the world around us to enhance ourselves and our way of life or we will be left behind. And most importantly stay away from the party and politics crap cause it ain't taking us nowhere in a hurry. Oh and here a question for you How can you build a 3000 sqft house on a 1000sqft property? if you can figure it out without running down the idea then your mind is open and you can think clearly and see we can achieve anything once you put your mind too it. Change your thinking and grow and also watch things happen once you do so.


        • Well, True Yute, you can defend the proposal all you want and think of me as being small minded all you want, but I stand firmly in my belief that this site is not the best one for our cultural centre. You yourself try to make a case for the site, by alluding to the amount of money we will need to make this a reality. Of course we can think big, but we must also be sensible and practical. There are a lot of things we have not been able to do in this country, largely because of the high costs involved. I will not even bother to discuss matters of geography and topography with you, because it is you who are being political, not me. So go ahead, influence the Government to build the Centre next to Caribbean Metals, and thereafter, go out and enjoy your shows. I do not care. When you go to the shows, take some time to swim lake, provided that the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute has tested the water to determine its appropriateness for bathing. Cool ? By the way, I can take you on anytime, but I am persuaded to believe that your "metallic" recommendation will not see the light of day. So just chill.


      • Cause Kenny didn't have the balls to move the cultural center he only came up with the idea and then backed down once the artist challenged him on it. Also i don't think they choose the location. So it ain't nobody's fault that Chastanet and company are going ahead with it and also the location. i guess different mindset and thinking with this government.


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