Girl has my name saved as ” Top Up Friend” on her phone; she has a man for every bill

Girl has my name saved as ” Top Up Friend” on her phone; she has a man for every bill

Dear Willie: St. Lucian girls have too much tricks and some of them deserve to be exposed.

Willie, I became friendly with this girl from Micoud last year, around September (yea, she knows her damn self). We met in a club and took each other’s number. I gave her my name and watched her type it.

She was very nice, loves to smile, and looks really good. My friends warned me to be careful because she is a little trick and she sleeps around a lot.

I told her I hope she calls me. She told me she has no credit, and asked me to top her up so she can prove my friends wrong. I put $5 credit on her phone. She never called. When I called, she told me she ‘knocked out’ when she went home, and she apologised. I believed her.

As time passed, I was doing most of the calling, but we always had a good conversation, so I didn’t watch anything. What was suspicious was that I was always calling her and she always had no credit. I asked her who she was calling so often, why she didn’t have credit. She told me, her aunt overseas always want to talk. I believed her (idiot I was).

We started having sex and I got closer to her. I wanted a relationship, but she kept telling me she can’t get over her ex, and asked me to give her more time. She kept putting me off and kept asking for more top-up. One day after we had sex, she went to shower and left her phone on the table. While she was in the shower the phone rang and a name “Mr. Courts” showed. She run out the bathroom all wet and thing before I could bring the phone to her. I was suspicious, and asked her who is that. She told me it was a cousin who asked her to do something.

I still found it strange Willie, that a girl would save her cousin name as “Mr. Courts.” Her phone was protected by password, so as soon as she hung up, and went back in the bathroom, I pressed the keys before it went idle.

I started scrolling through her messages and I was disgusted. This girl had all kinda weird names in her phone – “Politician Red”, “Police Friend”, “North Vibe”, “Cum inside me”, “Marchand link”, and “Pal Rep”, and too much to mention.

The conversations, I cannot disclose, but I was disgusted and angry. I did not get time to check my conversation because she was coming out of the bathroom, so I put the phone down fast. I was so curious. I decided to ring her phone… Willie, I was mad as hell when “Top Up Friend” came up.

I ask her what the mud—ss is up with that. She told me she lost my number and forget my name and all sorts of s–t. I also asked her about the other names, and she said they are nicknames for friends. I asked her which man name “North Vibe,” and she get vex, tell me I maco her phone and I obsessive. She said that’s why she did not want a relationship because I too nosy and all kinda crap.

Man, I finish with that girl. I block her on Whatsapp and ignore her calls. Now she sending me how many texts that she is sorry. To hell with her Willie.

I hope everyone reading this know who she is. You maybe have a special name because you are her bill payment.

Dear Sir: You have not asked for any advice so I believe your letter was some sort of payback to expose this girl.

I am very happy that you did not listen to your friends and experienced this for yourself. Sometimes it is good to experience stuff for yourself.

I believe you were a bit too naive in the beginning. A female who does not return your calls, rarely calls you or text you, does not want you. If she has sex with you in spite of all her “scarcity”, then she is up to no good. She was using you.

I am however happy you found out, sooner than later. You did not say whether she was unemployed or not, but employed, independent women do not always need top-up.

This is how many young ladies in the Caribbean survive. They have a man for every major bill. Sadly, you were one of them.

Be more careful next time.


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