Gideon takes on Dennery South for SLP

Gideon takes on Dennery South for SLP
Jerome Gideon led an effort this year to rid the Dennery coastline of seaweed.


Jerome Gideon led an effort this year to rid the Dennery coastline of seaweed.
Jerome Gideon led an effort this year to rid the Dennery coastline of seaweed.

Jerome Gideon, who this year led an initiative to remove the troublesome Sargassum seaweed from the Dennery coastline, has been chosen as the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party’s candidate for Dennery South in the next general elections.

Gideon was one of three new candidates revealed by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony at the party’s Annual Conference of Delegates in Vieux Fort on Sunday.

Edmund Estephane, incumbent for Dennery South.
Edmund Estephane, incumbent for Dennery South.

In making the announcement, the SLP leader said: “They thought we could not find new blood, but here we are on the cusp of a general election and we are able to present to you new, exciting young and different candidates.”

Gideon, also known as “Pharaoh”, is the chairman of the Dennery South Constituency Council.

In September this year, he spearheaded an exercise that included the disposal and recycling of the seaweed.

Gideon will vie to unseat the incumbent Dennery South Edmund Estephane of the main opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

However, it is not yet confirmed if Estephane – former Minister in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Commerce, Minister of Health and Minister for Labour, Information and Broadcasting – will run again.

L-R: SLP candidates Philip J. Pierre, Jerome Gideon and Herbert Roserie at the party’s annual conference on Sunday. * Photo creditt: Miguel Fevrier
L-R: SLP candidates Philip J. Pierre, Jerome Gideon and Herbert Roserie at the party’s annual conference on Sunday. * Photo credit: Miguel Fevrier




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  1. slp doh relly want to win dennery south becos all how is losers they putting deh, put a respectable person for once give us someone we can look up to for once


  2. Decided to take some time and read up on the comments written and its pure negativity coming out from you guys mouth. You people cry for a change but yet still can't change yourselves and you wonder why you're suffering. Majority of you guys gave thumbs up to the negative comments and that shows exactly who you are a negative person. Reading those comments made me lmao because it reminded me of my teenage years when those negative people use to say we don't reach no where and today we have arrived lol and where are they now. None of you haven't given a legitimate reason why pharoah should not contest the dennery seat,all you people keep on saying is he never give me ride he never do this for me, like on a serious note if one is working real hard n decided to take a loan to purchase a vehicle and later down the line you happen to see me driving and I don't give u a ride why should you be upset, the question is did you put any money towards paying the loan, did you give money for gas. When one stays without to buy what they want in life you people shouldn't hate but instead go do the same cause if one could do it you can also. Now let's get back to the topic, I want the dennery people to give some legitimate reasons why pharoah should not contest the seat rather than the negativity they putting out there


  3. I need to hear what uwp has to say of these civil servants who hasn't resign yet and yet they are endorsed by labour to run their sits. Whatever labor says goes. We need to end that cycle. Ppl wake up and smell the coffee. Labour stinks


  4. Crime gone up....
    Cost of living gone up...
    Seaweed come up...
    Unemployment gone. Up
    Well, At least something in St. Lucia going Down...
    The quality of candidates!!!
    Just saying #breeding a culture of mediocrity


  5. You not cutting style again now you coming back to Dennett one thing I know for sure easte don't cut style


  6. As my former teacher, not once you have given me a lift whilst after your announcement you gonna pass and honk your horn at! such hypocrisy teacher jerome....


  7. Wee foot, fregis out ......good for u I could not wait for this day when u do bad bad will follow u remeber London job mus finish to an is back dennery u mus reach


  8. another loser ebeh I wanted fregis to come and collect more licks again, where him? Enjoying the live in london , well pharo will take the licks for him day bun macocot laybah. 2 wannabe, couldnotbe and neverwillbe dennery eh want y'all


  9. U jerome will go the same way as mary skelly in dennery south. you shoulda learn from your friend and not get in there. but u are a typical SLP recruit and politician, a wannabe. 99% of dem are just that. wannabes. cannotbes. neverwillbes.


  10. I dont think Jarome stands a chance against estee. Also i see some hypocrisy in the labour party. Arent these guys civil servants. If you ask me the SLP has just opened themselves to more criticism. The jeanna Corneille factor and Mary Isaac will resurface and thats the last thing they will want.


  11. I am not impressed all, and NOT IN THE LEAST SURPRISED!

    Let's face facts. The PM and the SLP have just got themselves a genuine personnel match to clear all the Sargassum seaweed that is lying on and clogging their pea-brains.

    It's nice SLP sanitation work, if and when you can get it!


  12. Pharoah u can forget it u don't stand a chance against Este! U better continue making school pants for the children in your school u'll do better there...


    • Joe talks the most B.S, clearly you have pointed something good about pharaoh. Tell me how many teachers you know out there who love their job and community. Pharaoh taught me at school and he played a key role in me being successful as I am today. At the end of the day it doesn't matter which party wins in dennery, my concern is about who's going up and whether or not they stand for the people and as one can see pharaoh is that person


  13. Young? ? NEW BLOOD? Who are they kidding? These guys already cook and curry in the public service and with the exception of Joachim Henry they look over 50.


  14. The its all good n well for the labour party to hv ppl in the public sector to run as a candidate for them but on the other side its not. They wanted mary isaac to resign with immediate effect but its ok for them. St lucian politic r to nast. All them politians r for themselves.


  15. The minister of the public service blew some real steam when Jeana Corneille announced her INTEREST in contesting the Gros-Islet seat. However, these three new public servants who now appear on public platform announcing their candidacy are still working in the public and teaching service (Jerome Gideon- Ministry of sports, Herbert Pierre-Teacher, Joachim Henry-SSDF) They've not resigned, have they?. Just asking. Smh, this nasty game called politics. Beware of politicians.


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