Gibson-Marks still under investigation by St. Vincent authorities; SVG PM asks for patience

Gibson-Marks still under investigation by St. Vincent authorities; SVG PM asks for patience
Attorney General
Attorney General of St. Vincent & the Grenadines Judith Jones-Morgan (left) and former registrar in the High Court Tamara Gibson-Marks.

State authorities in St. Vincent & the Grenadines are continuing their investigation against St. Lucian-born Tamara Gibson-Marks, who was asked to resign from the post of registrar of the High Court over a month ago by St. Vincent’s Attorney General Judith Jones-Morgan in relation to suspected financial irregularities.

Prime Minister of St. Vincent & the Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves gave an update on the matter at a press conference on Monday, stating that the director of audit, police commissioner, and attorney general are involved in the investigation of Gibson-Marks.

“That is a very significant development. That process will be managed by the attorney general and the law courts in the normal way that any of these proceedings are carried out,” Gonsalves was quoted as saying by I-Witness News.

Gonsalves told journalists at the news conference that the former registrar left St. Vincent for St. Lucia 90 minutes after the meeting with the attorney general.

According to I-Witness News,, the attorney general has since filed an application for Gibson-Marks “to show cause why she should not be suspended or barred from practising law in St. Vincent”.

Gibson-Marks, the wife of lawyer Ronald “Ronnie” Marks – a former senator for the Gonsalves-led Unity Labour Party – was reportedly asked to resign on May 21 during a half-hour meeting with Jones-Morgan.

I-Witness News reported that St. Vincent’s Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace has written to Prime Minister Gonsalves about Gibson-Marks.

Gonsalves said Eustace asked a lot of specific questions.

“Now, it will be wholly improper for me, even if I have that information, to speak about it. The relevant authorities will address those matters,” Gonsalves said at the news conference.

According to I-Witness News, Gonsalves said the attorney general “has submitted an affidavit in court supporting the application for disbarment, and the acting registrar has done the same”.

“Well wait until those matters are being ventilated inside of the court. You will get your answers,” Gonsalves was quoted by the online news medium as saying.

I-Witness News further reported that, “The attorney general has successfully applied to the court to have her claim against Gibson-Marks sealed, meaning that the public cannot access the documents.”

The online newspaper added that Gonsalves said he has taken a decision not to speak on any fact or alleged facts in the case “because it may prejudice a fair trial of the proceeding”.

 I-Witness reported that Gonsalves gave details of the timeline surrounding the resignation of Gibson-Marks. See the remainder of their article below:

He said the Attorney General and a senior crown counsel met with Gibson-marks from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m. on May 21, when the resignation was demanded.

He said Gibson-Marks sent the resignation letter, which was transmitted to the Chief Justice on morning of May 22.

Gonsalves said he can talk about those things because they will not prejudice any proceeding.

He further responded to talks that his government allowed Gibson-Marks to slip away to go to St. Lucia.

Gonsalves said that he knows that the offices of the Attorney General, the Director of Audit and the Commissioner of Police COP were all contacted that same day to discuss how they are going to proceed.

Gonsalves further said he was told Commissioner of Police Michael Charles contacted the Chief Immigration officer that same day – May 21.

But the police chief has told I-Witness News previously that his office was notified of the development on May 22.

By 2:30 p.m. on May 21 – 90 minutes after Gibson-Marks’ meeting with the Attorney General – she left St. Vincent, Gonsalves said.

“How can you hold the Commissioner of Police or the Chief Immigration Officer or the Attorney General or the Office of the Prime Minister responsible in the circumstances?” Gonsalves said.

Regarding his refusal to give more in-depth information on the investigation, Gonsalves pointed to the recent development in the United Kingdom, where a judge rebuke Prime Minister David Cameron after Cameron’s comments nearly led to the collapse of the remainder of a case against his former spin doctor, Andy Coulson.

“Why is it that the Leader of the Opposition wants to try a case in public? When a person of public importance speaks to an issue that is before the court and on the facts that is before the court, it has the potential to prejudice it.

“If I were to say what the leader of the Opposition wants me to say and to make pronouncements on the guilt or innocence of the former registrar and I make a pronouncement on guilt, which I am not doing or cannot do, when the trial comes a few months hence — if there is a trial — and the lawyer were to make a motion in relation to the inability of a fair trial because a person of public importance, to wit the Prime Minister, had already prejudiced the particular case; what they will then say, ‘Ralph is an experienced lawyer and he ought to have know this and he set it up so to have that particular result’,” Gonsalves said.

“The former registrar of the High Court is entitled to a presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial.” Those are constitutional rights,” Gonsalves further said, adding, “Let the institutions of state do their work.”



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  1. Sad sad sad.... Why Tamara? you had it going for you ... why? for material things?? to live the high life...? Just pray you will get through it.


  2. Lets see what our people will do when Kenny give her a big job at AG office or a consultant somewhere else


  3. Kenny, SLP, Gonzalves... awa that case dying soon. I heard she is in England with the fat Hilaire. I feel bad for the family!!


  4. So you mean to tell me da girl make her hot bobol and run to st lucia 90 mins after? When she finish she and her ogly sister does be acting like they famous. If you does see dem girls when they out you swear is da kardashians all da time is bobol? well den


  5. She has to account for tax payers money if she is found guilty. I do hope that she doesn't have any "big job" waiting for her here as it has been rumoured long before this news item came out. We need to support our sister countries and not shield anyone of wrong doing, if they found to be guilty.


  6. I am a party supporter but I will not condone this kind of behaviour it is wrong you were living large with people's money? I will be watching developments closely!


  7. Some of us like to live to large, like travelling to Duby for weekends etc. Do not live beyond your means people. Show off does not last. Stop making BOBOL.


  8. All the talk going on in the country, no body is mentioning this one. Kenny has his mouth peaces (including Claudius Francis) mute on this issue. Claudius thinks is it more important to try to destroy Mary Issac, rather than the real bed elements in the society.

    Sick set of bastards. God will deal with you all


  9. My people you all realise not one radio or television station here has picked up the story, if was a nobody they would headline the programs. Guess what daddy owns a station so no spin on that and en rouge has her back. So wait that eh going nowhere.


  10. Only in St. Lucia will they get away with it.
    They believe they can do this in other jurisdictions and walk happily.
    Hope she has good snatch to lick in Jail.


  11. if she has thieved, then she should face the law and not be allowed to work in law or the civil service again. end of.


  12. Free the yute police hold Vincy with weed, that eh fair, give the yute 90 minutes to run .......wha........


  13. It seems Tamara Gibson-Marks ..from Vincy and before they can hold her there she run back to Lucia. Doh go and see she eh take no jail for her wrong doings there because her family is top Labour Supporters and Gonsalves is Kenny friend she she must escape that and then land a big job here just wait and see.


  14. Debar for her WHAT? Just let she pay the money back and that should suffice. With all this bobol going on, this is peanuts


    • Cudjoe Stop being ridiculous she needs to be debared. This is a clear case of abuse of authority. You are entrusted with taxpayers money if it is proven that she did in fact take any monies just paying it back would be a slap on the wrist.


      • If she wanted a damn loan she could have done like all other tax payers gone to the damn bank pay intrest and principal. You can not have the poor people in our society paying taxes and people who want to create and impressions and put on show doing borball like that. Live within youre DAMN means its about time these laywers stop trying to create an "impression" in the end they just make themselfs look bad DEBT BAD REPUTATION, NO WORK.Another thing now a days the majority of the time its
        the females eating money


        • but if she had to take a loan like the rest of us commoners, this would prevent her from successfully fooling people into believing she had the bank account of a megastar


  15. Its a big lodge.They protect each other.It confirms it is a crime to be poor.Who will protect you?lol


  16. Boy kenny better be carefull but her family here (St lucia)blame him. Because now ah day's everything that happen to dee people is kenny paying for it,Dee only time i ent hear them blame him is when weekends come they have a few dollars n them drinking,And dee other time is when they f--- their wive's.


  17. If was a lil man tief they had him in jail on the allegations, might have even shot him in the process, but is a big boy (or big girl) so we playing all kinda games.


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