GET MOVING: Police give urgent notice to owners of flatbed trailers


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(PRESS RELEASE) – The General Public is advised that effective immediately, all owners of flatbed trailers are required to vacate the following areas;

Millennium Highway

Allan Bousquet Highway

Banannes Bay

Hospital Road

All are reminded that it is an offence to improperly park a trailer and failure to comply will result in the detention of any trailers found along the abovementioned routes, at the expense of the owners, in keeping with the provisions of the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Chapter 8.01 of 2013.

We solicit your continued cooperation in creating safer road conditions for commuters.

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  1. I agree.They want to go into business.Buy a piece of land to store your trailers.Public space is not for that.Some of them are private none registered owners just getting it good.Vat free and all.

  2. Good vibes, but where are they going to put them. Park them on the small streets next to their homes?

  3. Those flatbed trailers are not a problem. The police are being lazy if you asked me. The real problem are those damn loose cows and horses allowed to roam all over the damn highway. The bus and taxi drivers who act like the road is theirs. If the government was really interested in our safety on the road they wpuld start there. Empty flatbed trailers my (toot toot) according to Iwa

  4. It was about time

  5. It's good to see the police trying to be proactive. It's as if the authorities here don't realise it is easier to solve a smaller problem than a bigger one. Why was it allowed to get to the point of having to issue public notices. The Act has clear punishments for violations. Why not just enforce the punishments? Do it a few times and they will be sure to learn.

    • I am happy the police are taking these initiatives but I would not say it is proactive. Had it been they the authorities would have done so many years ago. However it is a start.

  6. I need the authorities to take a look at tirocher micoud as it relates to obstructing the flow of vehicles as a results of trailler trucks parked in line along the road. And the court is used as a garage for those big trucks preventing children from useing the grounds . Is it a case of KJ's trucking being above the law , or could it be that they have a dollar more than the average residents ? Can someone shed sime light on this one ? I feel i speak for everyone in the community

  7. There are some busy areas such as the Bonne Terre gap area where trailers are being parked too close to the road, a few years ago I returned from overseas and I witnessed a similar situation and warned about it which fell on deaf ears and not long afterwards a St. Lucian residing in Austrailia lost his life in the very spot where I commented about.

  8. Before you ask them to be moved, why not make sure all trailers have proper lighting.
    For example turn signal lights
    Brake lights
    Rear lights
    90% of them have no rear lights


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