Get more and pay less with LIME in August!

Get more and pay less with LIME in August!
Joanna Marius, LIME Saint Lucia Head of Consumer Sales & Customer Experience DSC05951
Joanna Marius, LIME Saint Lucia Head of Consumer Sales & Customer Experience DSC05951

For the month of August LIME is giving its customers the opportunity to get more and pay less when they sign up for additional services.

Saint Lucia’s leading full-service telecommunications provider is offering Double and Triple Play deals that allow residential customers to pair LIME services for one low monthly price and enjoy hundreds of dollars in savings.

New Mega Plus broadband customers automatically qualify for LIME’s Double Play option, including 80 minutes of free calls to LIME landlines monthly, a free wireless modem, free installation, free call waiting and free voicemail. The package costs just $89.99 monthly ($103.49 with VAT) and amounts to savings of $256.92 yearly!

New customers can sign up for the landline, broadband and LIME TV Triple Play and pay just $151.99 monthly ($174.79 with VAT) for all three services. Customers save $346.92 yearly! Existing customers with one or two home services can also sign up for all three and get Triple Play savings.

Customers signing up for stand-alone services also enjoy huge savings. When they subscribe to landline service they get 80 minutes of free calls to LIME landlines monthly plus free installation, free call waiting and free voicemail, This amounts to savings of over $125!

All new customers subscribing to the LIME TV Basic Pack, as well as exiting customers who switch from analogue to LIMETV digital service, will pay just $69.50 monthly ($79.93 with VAT), allowing them to enjoy over 100 channels of quality programming plus free activation and free installation and the first set top box is free. Each additional box cost $5 a month, up to four boxes. The Basic Pack includes seven local radio stations free.

“This month we encourage customers not to miss out on the opportunity to save on their monthly bill with LIME’s Double and Triple Play deals,” said Head of Customer Experience, Joanna Marius. “This is a great way to take advantage of the very best in home entertainment and communications, all while saving money. By mixing and matching and selecting the services that they want the most, customers not only save money, but they only have to pay one bill, and that’s what makes these offers much sweeter!”


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  1. In this day and age, 2014.. With all the technology all around us, those companies still think they could take people for fools.. What the hell is 1mbps, or 2mbps. They think Internet is food or it can save lives. Internet should be the cheapest commodity on the market. Fock lime and karib cable. But karib has the better deal for now, but the upload is shit, 50 mbps download with a 1mbps upload,.. Karib come on you can do better.


  2. I was in the office on Thursday asking about anything I could do to reduce my bill and was told there was nothing new. Seriously think of changing to flow, higher internet speed for less


  3. LIME, you need to increase your broadband spread.
    You cannot be selling to us in St.Lucia, crappy download speed of 1mb, 2mb, 3mb and 4mb at those exorbitant prices.
    It is insulting to us as a people and as consumers in this technologically ever increasing society.

    Then only reason why I haven't switched to "Flow" is for their dismal performance in customer care.
    If they would focus on this, then its a "win-win" for us all.


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