Get centred this weekend

Get centred this weekend
Tessa Anthia John
Tessa Anthia John

Relax, release, let go, and open up to a life that overflows with balance, health, happiness and abundance. This is the promise of the Transpersonal Psychology Centre, through its one-day stress management intensive workshop, this Sunday.

Titled “The Homeostasis Process”, the workshop uses an amalgamation of proven transpersonal techniques, therapeutic processes and cognitive interventions, to delve deep into the subconscious mind. This facilitates the release of the deepest stresses from the nervous system so that healing can take place.

Tessa Anthia John, who developed the process and guides the sessions, is a psychologist, psychotherapist, professional counsellor, life coach, psychology lecturer and meditation teacher.

This workshop follows a similar one held earlier this month, which John says was very successful.

“Persons really felt their daily stresses just melt off their shoulders due to the unique processes that I used,” John said.

“They were also able to go home with some tools that they can use in order to keep that stress off.”

This Sunday’s session will be held at the Transpersonal Psychology Centre, Bonne Cachille, Rodney Bay.


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