German tourist attacked, robbed by three men in Castries

German tourist attacked, robbed by three men in Castries


A first time visitor to Saint Lucia has been mugged in an attack involving three men in Castries.

Brigitte Glover had disembarked the Costa Magica cruise ship on Tuesday around 5.p.m., and was walking the streets of Castries, when she was attacked and robbed by three young men.

According to reports, the men dragged the German woman to the ground and ripped her bag off her shoulder, which contained her sunglasses, an umbrella and a camera.

Glover recalled that her mother who is accompanying her on the cruise, warned her against stepping off the cruise ship and heading into Castries, as she was afraid that she may get robbed.

The woman also said that moments earlier, persons on the cruise ship were informed that a male tourist on that same cruise ship had been attacked and robbed of a gold chain.

Nevertheless, she was determined to get a glimpse of the island’s capital city, and as she journeyed through the streets, she was confronted by the three male bandits.

One local resident witnessed the incident and attempted to intervene but was threatened by the men.


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  1. News flash my peeps please doh ttry to come front them criminals or can police Ull end up hurt o or dead just take a picture or video if possible an put it on social media I can d crap stop coz d government an d criminals won't like that


  2. I use to love going to St Lucia, but now I am so very discouraged. So much crime is happening on this little island....drugs, rape, stealing, killing....St Lucia was never like this before.


      • SLU ! Are you for real ! ! ! Here are a few Countries - that don't have high Crime like St Lucia ------ : Barbados , Martinique , Dominica , Aruba , St Maarten , Tobago , St kitts and Nevis to Name a few - hence Your Comment is False - Good Day to you and be careful in SLU .


  3. It is so sad that one of our main sources of foreign income is being threatened by this fools who decide to wake up on a morning and rob tourists. It is completely disgusting and an utter disgrace because sooner or later we will have no tourism industry. An example should be made of a few of those thieves if and when they are caught.


  4. St. Lucia, you have laws, and a justice system. Your system tries and convict criminals and sentence them for hanging. You have laws on the books for hanging but haven't hang someone in a million years. WHY ARE THE LAWS STILL ON THE BOOKS?. You must remove yourself from the OECS, CARICOM and the PRIVY COUNCIL. AND START FRESH.


    • By you saying that anyone can put you in that situation and say take that uncle tom. Don't be racializing things buddy.


  5. Tourism is a great source of income in the country so why can't the Minister of tourism get off his ass and the tourism industry demand that there is proper protection in the country. And that applies to protection to civilians as well. It high time that this crime situation stop and Chastanet need to get out and speak to the people and let the criminals know that there will be serious consequences when these crimes are committed.


    • You idiot you are always looking for a sacrificial lamb when the criminals commit their crimes. Wow! Well that's a special kind of stupid you got going on there. The Minister of Tourism and the Prime Minister is clueless when the little thugs are about to strike,when they make up their minds to rob, kill, rape no one can change it. I hate reading such horrible article like any one else happening in St.Lucia but crime is global no matter how we try, no matter what we do the criminals have a mind of their own and to be honest our Justice system is broken down and they know they can get away with it. So please stop blaming the Government blame the criminals thanks.


  6. This is why, as a long time visitor to your island, I now go elsewhere and advise everyone I know not to visit. St Lucia you are dying on your feet. Without tourism, you have nothing.


    • @Mom boy......I do not think you are a St.Lucian period. Why? Your English is horrible I can imagine the people who socialize with you are going through hell in Canada, you need some serious grammar classes you about giving two Advil or Tylenol a freaking headache. Stay over there please do not come back.


  7. Take note. Tourist ship arrival numbers means little. All the advertising dollars by the tourism agency go nowhere.

    The ships come in. The tourists and their dollars remain onboard. Even before they make their decisions to go onshore, the alarm bells go out about the dangers of going onshore with recent reports of attacks.

    It is the brave souls who still dare to land, who are being punished for taking the risk of going onshore. Sad.

    Our miscreants collect their tourist paychecks, whilst they continuously are endangering the prosperity of the rest of the population.

    We do really need another or a much bigger prison, medical rehab for such criminals, and much longer incarceration periods for such wonderful sons of Saint Lucia.


  8. Where is the CCTV? Up to now- the real shit holes are not in the streets, they are wearing ties sitting in offices.


  9. No wonder the vendors are having the difficult time to make a living. Tourist are wising up and using their common sense and I do not blame them for not walking around with cash and much valuables as they become a targets criminals. Most visitors do quite a bit of reading about a country before visiting and if they feel safer on board ship they will stay in doors if they cannot afford organised tours or if they do not feel safe even on these organised tours. I feel very sad for the tourist as well as our Country.


  10. IT IS SAD that the people were warned on the ship about going into Castries and it proved to be true. Seems like it will be these thugs killing the tourism industry.


  11. Who in their right mind want to walk around a cesspit like Castries, visitor or local? Worst looking rubbish strewn city in the whole of the Caribbean, a total national disgrace.


  12. I didn't get what street it occurred on. Some of the tourist are very stubborn I saw and herd police officers directing them the routes that r not safe out of the tourist curiosity dey still proceed


    • So the coppers know which routes aren't safe yet they don't patrol to make them safe. What about the locals who walk those routes? They don't deserve safety.


  13. Why don't we have more police officers patrolling the city streets at nites and day also the mayor is just blowing hot air and doing nothing, it's a dam shame for someone to work so hard to go on a cruise on a beautiful island like St.Lucia and to be a victim of a robbery that leaves a bad taste in her mouth, what an experience. This is not good for the tourist industry. What a dam shame evils are leaking my island.


    • Why is there not more police on the streets? The government has no more money for it. Saint Lucia is in big debt. A failed nation. Doesn't matter whether St. Lucia has a UWP or SLP government.


  14. When asked ! City or country ? Without hesitation, I replied give me country and call me country bookie all you want . Just don't care.


  15. Damn this is so heartbreaking although I'm a born st.lucian but it really hurts to read such thing especially for a first time visitor having to experience such on a beautiful island like it always has been...


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