George Charles Secondary School robbed, security beaten

George Charles Secondary School robbed, security beaten


Bandits broke into the George Charles Secondary School Tuesday morning, but not before tying up the security guard and beating him.

Reports are that the bandits (the numbers unknown) broke into several departments and offices, where they stole computers and other items from the school.

The security guard was admitted to hospital, and the school has been dismissed for the day.

Chief Education Officer, Marcus Edward, confirmed with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the incident occurred, but said he is awaiting a full report from the principal’s office about the details.

However, Edward said based on preliminary reports, severe damage was done to doors of various departments, including the teachers’ staff room, the school kitchen and the canteen.

Several items were also stolen from these offices, but it is not yet clear how many items were stolen.

The education ministry official also confirmed that a decision was taken at 8:30 a.m. to dismiss school for the day for two reasons: one being the robbery, and the school was set to be dismissed at noon today, to allow teachers and students to attend the principal’s mother’s funeral.

Police officials are currently at the school conducting their investigations.


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  1. The time has come when we we must look for proper security for schools.We need trained and armed security officers and a good pit bull.Most school security are just there with a baton.Gone are those days.


  2. Hope the purpertrators are caught. When you rob a school, you rob a child/your child of their education.


  3. School should start marking their properties, so should it be stolen; it could be recognize by all.


  4. A notice to all politicians

    While you'll are busy suing, involved in silly banter, insulting your opponents , engaging in personal attacks etc, the criminals are the ones winning and Helen sinking even deeper.

    Almost every day something negative is being published. Our island is too small. This is getting out of hand.

    To all politicians, especially SLP government. You think you have an election to win? Concentrate first on winning the fight against crime. Make sure your energies are well placed.
    Because I don't know about the rest of the population, but I am tired of seeing the attacks on Chastanet. In my opinion it serves no purpose.
    My suggestion is that you attack crime head one with the same passion you attack Chastanet and other members of the opposition.

    If one has to look at the spate of recent crimes, one would note that the MO is one that was previously unheard of in St.Lucia. Are we going to let criminals graduate to other worse measures before a firm handle is placed on crime?

    It appears that those good for nothing scum bags are gravitating to tying their individuals.
    Well i would suggest that the ropes used in the recent crimes be taken to the hardware stores and ask for video surveillance to determine whether anything could be picked up.
    Because that operation there was well though of.

    I hope the security guard pulls through. Speedy recovery to you sir.


  5. I do not want to side track the topic. However, I want to know how to vote for the report. Should I vote thumbs up, which will appear that I am supporting the incident or should I vote thumbs down which may appear that I not supporting the report. Am I voting for the incident in the report or the report.


  6. my alma mater
    so sad to hear this has happened...
    how can people make them selves behave in such EVIL ways.... why do people think up such wicked in their minds ... can't they see how they are destroying their souls (smH)


    • well i guess the reason they behave in such evil ways is cause it is in the bible it said that men will be evil and lovers of themselves boasters and all sorts of things. i hope this answers your question


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