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George Charles Secondary School temporarily relocated

By Ministry of Education

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PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Education will undertake major rehabilitation to the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, to address existing deplorable conditions of the buildings of the College’s Morne complex.

A recent assessment done by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) has revealed that many of the College’s buildings have air quality issues and are infested with mold and termites.

The cost of addressing these issues at the College, at this time, is estimated to be in excess of EC$3 million, and the Government of Saint Lucia is seeking the assistance of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in this regard.

To provide temporary accommodation to the staff and students of the College, the Ministry of Education will make available to the SALCC, the premises of the George Charles Secondary School as of August 15, 2016.

As a result, all students and staff assigned to the George Charles Secondary School will be accommodated at the Jon Odlum Secondary School from September 05, 2016.

The Ministry of Education apologizes for any inconvenience caused, and requests the cooperation and support of parents and students, as it attempts to undertake the important repairs at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

The Ministry of Education will also provide transportation to staff and students of the George Charles Secondary School, desirous of this service.

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  1. No comment. Just let us hope for the best!!!!!

  2. Gcss is not a bad school I went their but did not graduate cuz I only went their until 4 yrs cuz I travel Gcss is a good school the children can learn only if they listening to the teachers and set their mind to do work but I think putting two schools that don't communicate well is bad to put then together.

  3. From the morne to George Charles, from George Charles to Marigot..... wat about the marigot children?????

  4. This is some bullshit. You dislocate students of George Charles to accommodate SALCC. Aren't you concerned about the effect on the students of George Charles????? This does not seem like a fair decision.

  5. As for me alone they should close down that George Charles School. This school has a negative image for the years of existence and students who attended this institution has never done well in society after they exit the walls of this school. I think the Ministry should shut down that school completely................

    • stop talking shate this has nothing to do with the school but the mindset of the students that refuse to learn and chose to do negative things in society after they left. if you put your mind on your work no matter what school you go to you will achieve what you want in life . the students are the ones giving themselves and the school a negative image

    • Are u serious, I attended that school an all those who graduated with me did great...... don't blame the school, blame the children

    • Product of George Charles Secondary

      Really ? see it has always been people like you with that mentality painting the school and its students 'black. Refusing to acknowledge that there holds no truth in that statement. Contrary to popular belief the school is not what makes you, your efforts, morals and willingness to learn coupled with other contributing factors is what makes you. Also contrary to uninformed but popular belief george Charles Secondary students have gone on to do marvelously and exceptionally well with not just jobs but careers. Stop branding Schools and the students who attend them. It's thinking like that that spoils our communities and country by extension.

    • from your statement there it seems you were one of those that went to George charles but never tried to learn nothing and now you want to blame the school for it. lol

    • Myself amongst many others attended G.C.S.S are very successful. Sorry to disappoint you.

    • Close down the school? That mind of yours should be shut forever. Uneducated fool

  6. I personally think this was well organised by he ministry .. gave a notice ahead of time , explain why they are doing what they are doing and are even going as far as providing transportation to the students and staff who is in need .... why always look for the bad in things , highlight the good and maybe the people within the ministriesand will have taste to do thing for us

  7. since the day school.close you pol.did no..k'mow.u have to.do.that

  8. You people always complaining, nothing is ever right for you all.

  9. What was Robert Lewis doing during his tenure as Minister responsible for Education. ????????

  10. Samantha Mann-Reid

    Why are you going to put an extra cost for the George Charles Students? The George Charles School is in need of renovation as well. The more things change the more it remains the same.

  11. Wth smh wow

  12. What about choiseul secondary ?

  13. U think that is fair.y did nt youll put sir arthur kids down there .instead youll have younger ones going so far.the staff at that ministry mad mad mad.illah man look another hit


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