Gender Relations Minister condemns recent gang rape of two young females

Gender Relations Minister condemns recent gang rape of two young females
Minister Alvina Reynolds
Minister Alvina Reynolds
Minister Alvina Reynolds

PRESS RELEASE – Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Hon. Alvina Reynolds has strongly condemned the recent reported gang rape of two young females in an apartment in Rodney Bay. She also referenced the disturbing increase in the number of reported rape cases on island.

“I want to send a strong message out to the men of this country, that enough is enough, that there must be respect for women, there must be that sense of wanting to protect women. We are equal partners in this country and one group cannot be seen as being disrespected and violated again and again.”  Reynolds asserted.

The Gender Affairs Minister added that this latest rape incident provides an opportunity for broad public discussion on how women can protect themselves.

“How can we as women fight back in the sense of protection, pepper spray, mace the conversation must begin. This is the time because we have spoken we have done lots of sessions to sensitize men on their role in terms of working along with women and respecting women but that seems to fall on some death ears. Something else has to happen at this point in time. So amidst the talking there must be action and this is what I am laying on the table today. It is time that we look at and as a Cabinet we will begin to have that discussion for pepper spray and mace and for women to begin to arm themselves with something.” Reynolds said.

She said to have the police everywhere that women are is impossible hence the reason to look at the situation of prevention as opposed to responding after an incident has occurred.

“One, we as women need to be more self aware more vigilant as to what’s happening in our immediate surroundings and secondly, when we are aware how do we protect ourselves? The conversation must start. I am laying this out today that women need to have something more than policing to protect us in this country because it certainly tells me that some people are not hearing. We do have to step up in-terms of responding to women who are becoming victims of rape in this country.” The Health Minister asserted.


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  1. This is all that women get is pepperspray huh what about 1 CHANGING LAWS FOR RAPIST.
    NO BAIL 2 Having a list of rapist known to the public. 3 SETTING UP COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMS THAT EDUCATE BOTH MALE AND FEMALES ABOUT RAPE. 4 Building A self defense program developed and paid by the government. 5 It seems that the young men of the island are lacking stability and self confidence, Hence the use crime as a means of making them feel good,because


  2. I seriously cannot believe what I have just read here. A bunch of obviously ignorant people turning such an issue as the senseless crime of rape into a political issue. Are you people kidding? You just wasted your time (which you can never get back) to make these useless comments, which frankly have no bearing on the real issue at hand here. Two young women have had their worlds shattered forever. I can only imagine the pain, both physical and emotional that they must endure now. It does not matter who or how anyone speaks against what has happened to them- as long as voices are heard. That is what you were supposed to use this forum for. I pray for these young ladies and their families, who are now living this nightmare. I hope these animals who perpetrated this crime be made to face the full brunt of the law. I implore more persons to voice their disgust at these senseless acts. Lastly, I advice you persons who want to politicize everything to save your irrelevant comments for Timothy Poleon's, News Spin. Smh!!!


  3. Not surprised she made a statement which resembles what a 13 yr old would say. I seriously don't understand how people could have voted for this ..... She looks, sounds SO CLUELESS. Not she if she or La Cobinere is more clueless.




    • The perpetrators of rape are men whether of females, boys or other men. Globally, female rapists are miniscule, and are outliers. This does not change the fact that the perpetrators of rape are males.

      Women want men bold enough to stand up alongside them add to their voices for change. Women want men with courage who would speak to their fellow men against heinous crimes as sexual assaults and rape.


  5. Action speaks louder than words don't be deceive by all those fancy talk you know yr boss don't want u to say muchbecause these rapeast have protection


  6. what really is she doing besides coming on television giving lofty speeches? NOTHING. This is the most useless minister in saint lucia.


    • She is evidently this type of speech after the deed has been done. As an individual and minister of gender relations what has she done personally or has tried to do to assuage this and other kinds of similar abuse cases? Do these people take us the St. Lucian populace for a bunch of kabwits? What is really happening in this country? ...


  7. What about condemning the unlawful acts at our hospitals as well...And how about condemning the police rapes too...Its so sad what has happened to these girls but for us to curb such behaviour we need to start with those protecting us,we need to hold them accountable....The police who was accused of rape is out,for all I know he could've been involved too....These ppl and their 2 sided justice system just gets me so mad at times....


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