Gender and health profile working session

Gender and health profile working session

(PRESS RELEASE) — Representatives from the Ministry of Health and Wellness were recently granted the opportunity to play a significant part towards developing gender equality in health.

Efforts at strengthening national capacities in advancing gender equality in health were undertaken as the Pan American Health Organization PAHO hosted a workshop recently.

The workshop provided participants with the opportunity to conduct gender analysis in health and to discuss the development and use of a gender and health profile.

Gender and Health Advisor of PAHO Cathy Cuellar says this activity is important as it will allow participants to develop a work plan to ensure a national gender and health profile.

“The way the workshop is designed is that we look at what are some of the pressing issues with regards to achieving gender equality in health as a part of health equity. Secondly, having the tools to be able to conduct what are the causes using data and statistics to appreciate differences and disparities in health and thirdly, being able to produce a national document to advocate for stronger policies to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity and to have good health care.”

Biostatistician in the Department of Health & Wellness Phil Leon says he is very pleased that the workshop will provide them with the knowledge on how the health sector can use gender analysis tools to effectively reduce health inequalities in Saint Lucia.

“It brings to light the disparities between the genders especially when it comes to our data collection processes and how we move further. What we can appreciate is that we are getting is information and the sense of how there is a difference between sex and gender. Sex being the biology, gender being the roles that are assigned and how we cater in terms of equality and equity. And, what we have been finding is yes, we have information, we have data, we have been making moves towards interventions but we have been lacking in that pointed area.”

The Pan American Health Organization PAHO is hopeful that Saint Lucia will be able to develop a gender and health profile giving priority to selected health topics within national health priorities.


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