Gemstones Theater Productions presents “TWISTERS”

Gemstones Theater Productions presents “TWISTERS”

PRESS RELEASE – The Gemstones Theater Productions, in association with the Nobel Laureate Festival Committee and the Folk Research Centre present a new “folk-lypso” drama titled “Twisters” on January 28th and 29th at 7.30 pm at the Folk Research Centre, Mount Pleasant.

A special staging will be presented for students of Theatre Arts at 3 pm on Monday January 30th at the same venue.

The Gemstones Theater Productions, in their promotion, indicate that they look forward to an audience that can handle this unique experience of being driven down a journey filled with suspense, lies, deceit and deep-rooted family secrets. Every turn made here will present another situation unraveling, causing utter excitement whilst the audience awaits the upcoming scene and outcome.

Come watch the many ‘twists’ unscramble through the lives of these characters. Suspense accompanies the betrayal of friendships; hidden truths brought to the surface between a loving mother and an entitled, ungrateful daughter; the desperate cry of a wretched lover trying to seek comfort in another man’s warm embrace and the irresolvable societal issue of crime and unemployment.

Familiar theatre names like Brenda Calixte and David McLennon lead the cast who are joined in this “folk-lypso” by major musical icons like Herb Black, Lady Leen and Black Pearl who join the players in this enthralling drama.

The entry fee is $25.00 and all proceeds go to the St. Lucia Dove Club, a parent support group of the World Pediatric Programme, St. Lucia.

For further information contact Cecil Charles at 7300286.


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