GEF, SLCSI launch “Climate Smart Greenhouse” project

GEF, SLCSI launch “Climate Smart Greenhouse” project

(GIS) – The SLCSI has received grant funding in the amount of USD$50,000 under the Global Environment Facility (GEF) program for the implementation of the first ever “Climate Smart Greenhouse” project.

The two-year project is aimed at using technology to create a sustainable climate smart system which can be used by farmers in Saint Lucia.

The experimental project is the first of its nature in the Caribbean. It is an integration of agriculture and technology that will demonstrate effective protected organic farming practices, using a specially-designed greenhouse to cushion plants from weather elements and provide an environment that can be easily manipulated.

The project utilizes an integrated, automated farm management system that gives insight into production and the farm business.

The first instalment of the grant is in the amount of USD$50,000. A further grant of USD$150,000 is contingent on the success of the project.

The SLCSI and GEF will present the project to the media this week, at a press conference. In attendance will be Giles Romulus, National Program Coordinator for the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program (GEF-SGP); Yvonne Agard, Executive Director at the SLCSI, Jade Hutchinson and Keigan Mayers, project partners; Verne Emmanuel of VALIRI, and Chairman of the SLCSI Board of Directors; and representatives from the Department of Sustainable Development and the Department of Commerce.

The press conference will be held at the offices of the Saint Lucia Coalition of Service Industries, 19 Orange Park Commercial Building, Bois d’Orange, on Wednesday, March 28 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. A short reception will follow.


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  1. What is the point of the greenhouse if it is wide open like that? Isn't the whole idea to keep pests out and to manage the internal climate?

    Seems counter-intuitive to me.


    • I don't think that's the green house they're talking about. I've noticed that there is no mention of the Ministry of Agriculture . I hope it was deliberate, that Ministry is a waste of resources.


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