Gayle to sue media house over “exposure” allegation

Gayle to sue media house over “exposure” allegation

JAMAICA OBSERVER – Embattled West Indies batting star Chris Gayle plans to sue Fairfax Media for the publication of an article alleging he indecently exposed himself in a Sydney dressing room during last year’s ICC Cricket World Cup.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported Thursday that the 36-year-old has retained Australian lawyer Mark O’Brien, known as a defamation specialist, to begin action against the media organisation.

“Chris Gayle has strongly denied the allegations first published by Fairfax Media that he indecently exposed himself to a woman during last year’s World Cup in Sydney,” Gayle’s management was quoted as saying in a statement.

“Despite such denials, Fairfax Media continues to publish the false and defamatory allegations which have received widespread republication in media throughout the world.

“As a result Chris Gayle has retained Mark O’Brien, a leading Australian media lawyer to immediately commence defamation proceedings against Fairfax Media.”



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  1. The reporter looked like she was disgusted by mare ee, it either mate was smelling like horse or she's probably racist.


  2. I think Chris Gayle sould immediately copyright the line 'don't blush baby'.  This line could become the biggest slogan of the 21st century.  Gayle could make a sweet fortune from it.  It could be used on Valentine cards, jocks, t-shirts etc etc.

    Case history: 
    Mary Frances Gerety coined the world-famous advertising slogan ``A Diamond Is Forever,'' 
    When she came up with the slogan in 1948, she was a copywriter for N.W. Ayer & Son in Philadelphia, now N.W. Ayer & Partners in New York.

    Also the slogan 'all because the lady lives Milk Tray' has been used since approx 1968 and still being used today, the slogan always shows a 'hero' delivering the box of chocs.

    'Don't Blush, Baby' - the best slogan of the century.  Copyright it Gayle and smile all the way to the bank !!!

    Hope he (Gayle) reads this 🙂


  3. When I see all the negativity coming through because of an innocent jovial humourous comment, I wonder whats going on?
    I dont believe the 'exposing' allegation story. Why go to a mens dressing room, men shower and change there.

    But for some reason all this publicity brings me back to a number of years ago when Kate Middleton was in hospital and two Australian DJs played a joke and made a prank call to the hospital.  The nurse (who had personal problems) was so distraught by the whole incident she took her own life.  Very sad situation.
    What happened to those two DJs ?

    Australia should lighten up, Chris Gayle did nothing wrong!  He was happy and humourous .... nothing wrong with that.


  4. What is going on? When whites see black people doing well they begin to hate the individuals. The same way they hate Lewis Hamilton in the UK. If you don't who Lewis is he is the first black man who has ever won formula1, he is also of Caribbean background. Grenada to be precise. As a race it is time we open our eyes to see this. Some of the coconuts or Oreos don't.


  5. Everybody wants to jump on the band wagon. Took u a whole year to say he exposed his genitals to u?? What do u expect to find in the men's locker room after a game I'd it's not man in all states of undress. Furthermore why were u looking for a sandwich in the men's locker room??? Take a seat woman. It's women like u that make it difficult for women's claims to b taken seriously


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