Gayle is just a target to sell newspapers – Darren Sammy

Gayle is just a target to sell newspapers – Darren Sammy
Darren Sammy
Darren Sammy © Getty Images
Darren Sammy © Getty Images

INDEPENDENT – For a man who plays comparatively little cricket, Chris Gayle spends a lot of time hogging the cricket headlines.

He was at it again this week following an interview he gave to a female journalist in The Times magazine on Saturday.

Containing more innuendo than the average Carry On film, it reconfirmed the suspicion that Gayle’s attitude to almost everything outside of the sport is distinctly questionable.

Gayle made a string of lewd and sexist comments in the interview, boasting that he had “the biggest bat in the wooooorld,”” and saw it fit to ask the interviewer “how many black men she had slept with”.

His international captain, Darren Sammy, however, has launched a defence of the player.




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  1. Sammy! Our stadium is named after you. Please live up to your name. Don't become like the rest of them, remain humble.


  2. sammy you say "the world’s most belligerent batsman deserves respect and not ridicule"
    he is belligerent true, but sexually belligerent at that. he must cool out
    and just because he is a very good batsman doesnt mean we must ignore his misgivings. he must be held accountable for his behaviours. we must not let persons ride out our respect for them or their acheivement by allowing them do what they please because they have acheived some feat. otherwise we should allow doctors who have saved live to just be callous and say as they please to patients, tell them off, tell them they ugly, or even hit on them.
    choops. gaye needs to wake up. we all want to enjoy our life but we can directly insult others


  3. darren please. no need to be diplomatic. you know the guy is a maniac and and has a disgusting attitude. the only ones who see nothing wrong with his nasty attitude towards women, are those who perhaps behave likewise. I find it offensive how he regards women. And I am sure you darren would not like Gayle to ask that of your wife. now come on and be real. dont defend him to save face next time you play together. let him rspect you for your honest, as i know you personally, and know you dont like the behaviour. but anyways. this guy needs to change, he has a daughter now.


  4. Way to go Sammy, defend bad behavior.
    Regardless what questions or comments are thrown at Chris Gayle, he has a choice regarding how low he wishes to stoop in regards to his response. He absolutely does not need to play into the shenanigans of these reporters and interviewers. He has a choice. He is simply displaying his true character, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself in this regard trying to defend him.


  5. Stop being a defender of your. Colleagues while dey never have your back. Dey use u n Dwane as der spokesman,der mouth piece,den dey keep quiet. Now u n bravo suffering. Gayle n de rest don't like u boy.


  6. Sammy has got to be joking. Is it the media that gives Gayle these ridiculous comments beforehand on a script to utter during an interview? Is Gayle under any duress to talk rubbish in these interviews?

    Rather it is Chris Gayle, through his foolish ramblings, that makes himself a target.


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