Garbage piles up in Pavee, residents frustrated

Garbage piles up in Pavee, residents frustrated
The waste piling up in Pavee, Castries.
The waste piling up in Pavee, Castries.

(SNO) – Residents of Pavee, Castries are calling on the authorities investigate a garbage collection issue in their community as well as clear up approximately two-months worth of waste.

It is alleged that the garbage collectors empty the bins but do little or nothing to collect the waste outside the bins.

The collectors were last in the community about two days ago to collect the waste from the bin.

Residents said the garbage stench is unbearable, especially when it rains.

“They always taking the garbage in the bin but not outside of the bin,” one resident told our newsroom.

When asked why the collectors would do such a thing, the resident replied: “They say is not them that have to take it.”

The residents said while it understandable that the sanitation workers are tasked with emptying the bins, something must be done to collect the garbage that has piled up outside the bins, as their health is at risk.

“I don’t know but somebody have to move it, that not good for people health… I really want them to come and move it,” another resident added.

The authorities have repeatedly advised persons not to dump rubbish outside the bins.


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  1. As much as i agree with putting the garbage only inside the bins, As a resident I've noted the following:
    - places that had 2 or 3 bins in the past only have 1. Even when we adhere to the scheduled days there still isnt enough bins for the amount of people living here
    -Most the bins are damaged and cant hold much garbage
    -bulk waste collection many times have been every 2 or 3 months

    However some people need to do better . Burn the bush, or pay to have ypur bulk at the landfill


  2. So... You dump trash 'outside' of a garbage bin, which is already nastiness. You expect someone to come clean up your nastiness for you, then you complain after the consequences of your own nastiness starts to affect you? St. Lucians will never cease to amaze me. Here's an idea: When the garbage collectors empty what's 'in' the bin, YOU then pick up what is 'outside' the bin, place it 'into' the bin. Continue this process until everything is picked up. The garbage collectors are people too. Stop making their jobs harder than it already is. Zot twop malpwop! Bétiz.


    • Everybody waiting for somebody to do it. Come on people. This is YOUR community, and the people there are the ones doing the nonsense. And it's a reflection on YOU. As Police Zodi said, show some community pride. Residents, come together and clean up the place. YOU live there. And have a system to monitor the persons dumping their stuff outside the bins and report them to Solid Waste Management. They can be fined.


  3. I think the authorities should remove these bins as they have done in communities and allow people to put rubbish out only on collection day. all these bulk material should be put out on days to collect. they got to clear of this filth, its a disaster waiting to happen.


    • I agree. It is time for Saint Lucians to aspire to a higher standard of living. Remove the crap from your minds and around you. Get organized garbage collection. For heaven's sake, this is supposed to be a city.


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