Gangs and illegal weapons among topics to be discussed at St. Lucia crime symposium

Gangs and illegal weapons among topics to be discussed at St. Lucia crime symposium

(PRESS RELEASE) – The momentum is building as several stakeholders await the opportunity to dialogue with Government representatives in the first of a series of discussions on the all-important challenges of the crime situation confronting the country.

The troubling issue of the unprecedented homicide rate for 2017 and the underpinning issues will form a key part the dialogue.

Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security Honourable Hermangild Francis says several burning issues will come under scrutiny.

“The agenda will include several broad-based topics such as the proliferation of gangs, illegal weapons, and youth at risk. We also have key presentations to be made by the Police just to highlight a few areas. We are encouraging all stakeholders who have been invited to make the effort to attend and to be heard at this symposium. Of course, the issue of National Security is a very pressing one and it has implications for the business sector, civil society, Government representatives and the wider public. We are looking forward to a very healthy level of engagement that would give hope to our nation and signal a new direction for us.”

The Crime symposium will take place on Friday, November 24, 2017 at the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy’s Conference Room at Union.


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  1. Family values. What programs can be implemented to keep our kids interest away from the negative influences that are part of the fabric of communities presently. Community policing, which enables for direct involvement in the community to start rebuilding the trust that has been missing . These are some of the subjects that needs discussing.


  2. So the interest group are not part of the public? Normally interest groups represent a wide cross section of society, so who would you take to represent the public? We have to be realistic the government can hear from the public through the media, how practical is it for everyone to share their views. Maybe they can open up a website, then again not everybody has internet. Every avenue or method explored will have its short comings and the whole affair will just be open up to critics.

    Personally I think its a waste of time because we all know what the problems are in the absence of a scientific research. That is the only other avenue I would have explored if I had any influence on government because we've been hearing the public now for eons, even as far back in the time of Terry James. The same problems still exist. Now we have already began to criticize saying that it will be another talk shop. Well Duh!! Saying that more people with their opinions should be added just makes it more complicated and absurd where Well Duh x Well Duh = ??????


    • Wam there,
      As someone who have attended a couple symposia, I suspect that I have a tiny insight as to what actually happens. As a general rule, the broader the groups, the more difficult the thing becomes. Some people tend to drift into impertinent topics. This brings a sense of rush as one addresses the relevant issues. Bear in mind, it's only one day!
      An ideal symposium would invite the various security companies on the island, Police, Fire, City Council, the folks from Bordelais Correction Facility, Customs, a Chamber representative, and a couple people from the mean areas like the graveyard. This is adequate for a SECURITY meeting. Everyone and their mother need not be there. The chances of time wastage are greater as you involve marginal players. Furthermore, many of the professionals can speak in the capacity as civilians.

      I may have ruffled your bright yellow feathers. Fly away to your zone of safety, where you can consort with birds of your kind.


      • In fact you added to my suggestion that the whole exercise in not necessary. I did not highlight here the time wastage. In addition you did not show me where my augment was wrong. Note my personal opinion, if you take it as being yellow then probably yellow in this case is being logical.


  3. All just a waste of my time, at the moment while I’m there I’ll feel like I’m important something is going to be done but it’s just to put on a show for now. Nothing is going to be done after this thing happens. Does anyone remember the huge explosion in bexon, what happened? Nothing!


  4. I have said it before. ....this government does not put it's ears to the ground. Is only the upities that have a say.
    Who are we the lower class?
    Mind u. We make up the majority.


  5. If you are stranger, this upcoming Crime Symposium sounds promising. If you are familiar with St. Lucia, then you know where it's all heading...the red and yellow food fight. Let's examine this maturely.

    After the biggest yearly murder rate, one would have expected the PM to address the nation because the situation is as scary as it sounds. Heck! Some people are worried that it can affect tourism and destroy their livelihood. The message being sent out by a non-appearance, let's take it in stride.

    Remember, the anti-gang law? It was supposed to be the cure. Even the FBI with all its resources have a difficult time prosecuting gangs. Think how home would fare with its limited resources. An obvious sign of clueless approaches to a serious matter.

    Forward to Friday. The symposium is destined for failure even if one hopes for the best. The varied interest groups are going to ramble and present their wish lists which the government is unlikely to afford. Furthermore, there is NO ONE in government who can make the decisions required to break those criminals backs. In the 80s and 90s I would shout yes. Another factor, halting those criminals, will result in discomfort for the general public. I believe St. Lucians would start complaining within a couple months.
    After almost a year and a half as government, nothing has materially changed in criminal activity. Government is too busy praising 2% increases in tourism. Unfortunately, no one has the foresight to see that it's just a matter of time before the criminals screw the tourism industry. I guess when it happens, they will shout "bodoos." That being the cry of the unready.


    • New Testament Verse of the Day:

      So Pilate asked him, "Are you the king of the Jews?" Jesus replied, "You have said it."
      – Luke 23: 3


  6. Exactly Shane. Where are the public, the ordinary folk, the very youth at risk, even ex convicts who have turned the corner.

    This seems more about a get together of interest groups who have been affected by criminal activity. Then is the symposium really about seeking answers? Further is the will and determination to do exactly what will be required? If its all about a show and talk then Helen suck salt.


  7. All very well, but why not include some members of the public that have been affected by crime, get a real feel for it instead of what you are told, all those that live in their ivory towers.


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