Ganga says Sandals support key for youth cricketers

Ganga says Sandals support key for youth cricketers
Sunil Ramdeen - Regional PR Manager (EC), Sandals Daren Ganga – Former West Indies opener/TVanalyst Winston Anderson - M.D., Sandals St. Lucia Edmund Estephan - Minister of Sports Julian Charles - President, SLNCA Joseph ‘Reds’ Pereira – Veteran Commentator/Journalist
Photo from L to R: Sunil Ramdeen – Regional PR Manager (EC), Sandals; Daren Ganga – Former West Indies opener/TVanalyst; Winston Anderson – M.D., Sandals St. Lucia; Edmund Estephan – Minister of Sports; Julian Charles – President, SLNCA; and Joseph ‘Reds’ Pereira – Veteran Commentator/Journalist

(PRESS RELEASE) — The role of corporate support for young sports men and women is critical to their development, according to key cricket stakeholders, who were speaking at the recent awards ceremony for the 2019 Sandals Under-19 Cup which took place at the Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort and Spa on Saturday June 15th.

Former West Indies opener and now TV pundit Daren Ganga was the feature speaker at the event, which saw top honours going for a second consecutive year to the team from Gros Islet, led by young West Indies youth player Kimani Melius and coached by Alton Crafton.

Mr. Ganga took time out to recognise Sandals, which is also the Principal Sponsor of Cricket West Indies, for investing in the sport at the developmental level.

“In today’s world, in the current economic situation, you very rarely find local and regional organisations having the bandwidth to support sport, to sponsor sport, to think about a one Caribbean in the sense of West Indies. Sandals you have done it, and I personally congratulate you. You guys have contributed significantly towards the development of our region, towards our cricket and towards memories that we will cherish for a long time.”

Mr. Ganga’s view was strongly supported by Minister of Sports the Hon. Mr. Edmund Estephan, who commended Sandals for its support of not just cricket, but several other sporting disciplines in Saint Lucia. The Minister urged the young players to maximize the value of such support, and allow it to motivate them to carry on and put their hands up for selection on the West Indies senior cricket teams.

For his part, Managing Director of Sandals Resorts Saint Lucia Mr. Winston Anderson assured stakeholders of the company’s commitment to helping where it can.

“With respect to our sponsorship of this event, I can tell you that at Sandals, we are all too aware of the importance of corporate citizens stepping in to provide support for our young citizens. I had said at the launch of the tournament that through this sponsorship we hope to not only raise the profile of the game, but provide a springboard for some of our young players to gain national and ultimately regional selection.”

Gros Islet again copped the top prize with Babonneau coming in as runners-up for the second consecutive year of the tournament as well.

The full list of winners is as follows:
Lee Solomon was the big winner taking home a number of awards including MVP of the Finals, Tournament MVP and the award for Most Runs.
Caleb Thomas was MVP Semifinals (Babonneau vs South Castries); while Garvin Serieux, MVP Gros Islet vs Central Castries;


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