Gang attack and rob taxi driver

Gang attack and rob taxi driver


A taxi driver sustained a dislocated jaw and several other injuries on Wednesday, February 10, when he was attacked and robbed by a gang in Castries.

The victim is reported in the media as saying that he was robbed at about 1 a.m., a few minutes after dropping off a passenger at the Marchand Boulevard.

The taxi driver, whose name has not been disclosed, recalled that he was on his way home to Rose Hill, when the group of men blocked the road and demanded that he exit the vehicle.

The man told the media that he was unable to reverse his vehicle because the road was completely blocked with stones placed there by the group of men, who were calling him out.

According to him, when the gang realised he was not going to leave his car, they threw a brick and smashed his window. After witnessing this, the taxi driver decided to get out and began running.

But this didn’t stop the men from going after him, because two of them ran behind him.While he tried to fight them off, the other men joined in and started to beat up on him.

He was held in a headlock until he lost consciousness. Once he was awake, he realised that his vehicle was burglarized and every piece of valuable item was missing.

The man recalls running again, until he finally saw some people playing a game of domino. He told them the story and they called the ambulance and police. He was then taken to the hospital for treatment.

The matter is being investigated by the police.


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  1. The robbery took place at marchard the driver is from rosehill and the passenger knew very well what was going on the driver should knock their a** down let me hear what people would say after these young usless criminals need to be delt with


  2. Garcon next time use your car as a battering ram to smash through their makeshift road block. Better for the car to get "plok" trying to escape the bandits than for you to receive plok at the hands of the criminals.


  3. What is wrong with those good for nothing cocoroaches we have in Marchand? Those lazy bastards sit on their pricks all year long bagging stealing rapping killing people of what they have worked so dam hard for that is a disgrace. Young healthy people refused to work, they think that society own them somthing. The taxi should have put his car in reverse, and the in drive excelerate at 90 mph reap their legs off from under their asses and call police.nasty lazy salops i dont like these demons at all man.


  4. smh check the passenger you dropped last if you can find him they have a habit of saying they want to go places and they in on the crime themselves informing their friends wht time to come and rob people. thats why taxi drivers say they not going these places after hours but then again the person he dropped i wonder if that person was a staff and the taxi driver was the staff bus.


      • ok but the story says he was on his way to rose hill after he dropped the passenger it never said the robbery took place in rose hill, cause if i drop off some one at this minute in marchand and and the next minute or two i am going to my home in rose hill i can still be in marchand driving but i am driving going to my home right now in rose hill , not sure if you got what i was trying to say


        • The incident took place in Marchand Boulevard in full view of all the sutties that reside there, but they quick to cry Police brutality when the Police came to search the residence of one of the suspects. Where were they when the man window was being shattered by stones and he was brutally attacked!!


  5. Operation Restore Confidence please..... You work hard and these scums think you work for them. Don't kill them... break a leg...


  6. im sorry....rock or going to run over these young men with my car...who have broken limbs and other serious injuries will see themselves to the hospital...upon arriving i hope they can explain the cause of their injuries...either that or they nurse themselves....really sorry for the
    taxi guy..


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