Games of passion misfire in St Lucia (commentary)

Games of passion misfire in St Lucia (commentary)

2016-05-03 12_00_41-Games of passion misfire in St Lucia.docx - Google DocsCOMMENTARY – On account of political passion openly bluffing Saint Lucians towards the abyss, it is important to submit preferred systems capable of defining 21st century competence.

Further, let alone the sincerity, it is reasonable to ask: when will the government of Saint Lucia take steps to hold political felons to account for improprieties that mimic “tampering with evidence, willful neglect of duty, breach of trust and bribery — including misconduct in office”? That would be good policy, except the erosion of trust and lacklustre leadership in effect attracts fairness to a permanent problem.

But essentially, the intent signals political games that are unchanged, mostly hilarious and in their natural habitat spend proxy client’s money leading into the general elections. Based on that premise, many will be asking, where’s the stuff that we were promised four years ago? However, please save me from the theatrics of stupefaction to reference face-saving improvements and deals that include building bridges, road repairs, sidewalks, pathways, Ti – canals, replacing schools and other routine services that are traditional development programmes and elementary undertakings by city and town councils, including statutory outposts in any half-baked administration.

For that reason, it remains doubtful prime minister and minister for finance Kenny Anthony will rebuff common qualms that he is challenged and ill-equipped to deal with the state of affairs. If he tried, that would compound the lack of details to a national strategy and policy formulation that requires the intervention of the RedE spirit.

However, although seeking divine intervention, the Anthony administration’s outlay on erratic capital projects, dependency syndrome and psychological warfare is delusional to avail the competitive advantage that Saint Lucia needs now. And when taken in context, the impact is far from fashionable to claims of uplifting the youth.

In fact, the Anthony administration’s hyperbolic games and fanfare to starvation is typical of socialist rhetoric that is deficient to a deeper understanding of market trends and fundamentals, necessary to attract venture capital and enterprise funding, coupled with an action plan tailored towards an economic agenda.

One would think, with the anticipated opening of two new hospitals, a mental wellness centre already in operation, health facilities and medical schools on the island, that present opportunities for strategic partnerships between business and academia, research and development as well as an expansion proposition to create a thriving life sciences business hub would be aggressively pursued.

It is also important to remember that diabetes is out of control at this moment, according to president of the Saint Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association George Eugene. This latest development apparently clears the hesitation that the much talked about Dr Walid Juffali global diabetes research centre would be a valuable enhancement across a range of industries.

But again, in the normal course of doing business that process is mired in immature political and bureaucratic gamesmanship, albeit, international matters too long-winded, less the island risks becoming – if not already –torn between two lovers!

Moreover, while the essentials are identified to signing the Paris climate agreement at the United Nations on Friday, April 22, 2016, climate change adaptation opens up new sustainable opportunities, products and services, beneficial to Saint Lucia’s natural features. However, the commitment to capital and a binding statute is paramount to advance direct benefits.
But as usual, Anthony’s Market step schemes emerge to pay homage to uplifting the youth, during Youth Month (April 2016). Again this is for pure populism to influence the electorate alongside mysterious investments and fuzzy policy. This likewise extends to the verbal sore intercourse taking place in the parliament of Saint Lucia that has literally trashed constitutional reform; the most fundamental reform post independence.

Indeed this will burden the next generation with a constitutional crisis in much the same way as the ballooning debt that is yet to be resolved as per my recommendation for a debt ceiling October 1, 2012, and alluded to during the presentation of the 2014/2015 estimates of expenditure in the House of Assembly.

Yet again, what has changed, aside from the flagrant insincere proclamations and games of passion that misfire continuously, meanwhile the country descends further into psychological and financial decay? Against this background, there is a deep concern that credibility measures and government policy are unpleasant to achieve primary tasks, much less the ability to harness the creativity of the young and engage the intelligence of professionals.

Beyond all of these, the recipient is the psychology to political tribalism, fueled by historical betrayal to dependency, loyalty to mendicant survival and the service to political elites that play hide and seek in service to and/as inept proxies. This is much in keeping with Anthony’s administration ideological allies in Cuba and Venezuela, upon which his policy and worldview is structured – except, that’s right, it’s nonsense.

This should not sound perplexing or surprise anyone to traditional perceptions that have become fashionable to conceal criminal and corrupt economic interest. In the current realism the continuance is unwise. And if the heightened chatter is any indication then it surely means politicians, inferred farmers and rogue business people are nervous to relearn the art of secrecy.

Perhaps, the Panama Papers has something to do with finding genuine answers to suspect networks in Panama, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, Canada, UK, and the US that will in due course transform politics and business transactions.

This is interesting and I am not alone to reveal that persistent manipulation and blatant lies by silver-tongued politicians won’t last to blindside the population on the real weaknesses that face the nation – lacklustre leadership and a baseless economy.

The dysfunction is quite apparent with bureaucratic elites comfortably absorbed in fantasy, while the party elites, deadweights par excellence, divulge worthless ideology amidst the masses agonizing survival. A malaise that exposes balance of payments to more messy situations and will surprise pensioners and pension plans to diminishing returns, that reflect the equation –economy, jobs and growth don’t add up!

In many ways credibility comes from deliverables that support private sector investments, attract foreign investment, implement structural policy and improve efficiency in public administration to create systems that evolve towards strategic venture capital inflows.

More fundamental to the future, market oriented reform is required to ignite serious long-term geo-politics and geo-economics.

Ideally, a strategy to influence entrepreneurship, coupled with financial aid and government incentives to boost start-ups and provide scope to embark upon socio-economic challenges through job creation should be the focus of a government serious about uplift the youth and its economic judgment.

It was Socrates who said: “The unexplained is not worth living.” Hence, ideological rigour simply exposes the quest for truth, or is it classic hypocrisy and indecision that fly over the lack of an economic path for the country and the youth to reach their full potential. There’s no question that the continual gamble with the future of Saint Lucia is as certain as death and taxes.

This reminds me of the imperial scale of globalization and global governance that is making island states’ foreign policy more and more irrelevant, only to partake as subordinates. This makes the urgency to buttress sensible policy more acute to act with character on security, democracy and strategic relationships. Once again, the need is greater to engage academia, attract investments and build economic status to achieve prosperity, financial freedom and dignity, reflective of a country with two Nobel laureates.

First and foremost, this situation requires leadership to command credibility, genuine respect, admiration and gravitas. This requires leadership to engage the best of its people in form and in spirit. This requires leadership to build confidence, pure in reason and conscience. And this demands patriotism and self-confidence that envision a national interest and purpose.

But far removed is the sharp contrast for acceptability of the lesser evils, internal and brazen complicity that is antiquated and insincere. What makes this uniquely discerning is that the overriding political passion continues to spin a transcript that is staked with capricious measures below the surface to justify noble illusions and infamous dictum.

Former governor of New York Mario Cuomo said: “You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose.” That’s a fair measure leading into the general elections to concede with experts of phony manifestations to the metamorphosis – the mind plays tricks.

Melanius Alphonse is a management and development consultant, a long-standing senior correspondent and a contributing columnist to Caribbean News Now. His areas of focus include political, economic and global security developments, and on the latest news and opinion. His philanthropic interests include advocating for community development, social justice, economic freedom and equality. He contributes to special programming on Radio Free Iyanola, RFI 102.1FM and NewsNow Global analysis. He can be reached at: [email protected]


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