UPDATED: Funeral service for double homicide victims

UPDATED: Funeral service for double homicide victims

16754643_320084488388237_2082350867_nThe funeral service for double homicide victims Jeffery Abella and Sandrina Joseph is being held today, Feb. 15 at the Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church in La Clery, Castries.

Interment is at the Choc Cemetery.

The funeral service follows a candlelight vigil held for the victims in La Clery last evening.

Government Minister and Castries North Parliamentary Representative Stephenson King, 2016 Saint Lucia Labour Party candidate for Castries North John Charlery, and personnel from the Human Services Department attended the service.

Joseph’s two children – reported to be very emotional –  also attended.

They were the ones who discovered their mother and her boyfriend (Abella) dead in a bedroom of their Active Hill, La Clery home on the morning of Feb. 1.

Police said Joseph died as a result of brain injury secondary to traumatic head injury, and that Abella died as a result of traumatic brain injury secondary to multiple chop wounds to the head.

The children’s father, ex-convict Don Pierre Louis, 37, of La Pansee, Castries was charged with capital murder in connection with the double homicide.

It is alleged that Louis had threatened Joseph’s life after he was released from prison.



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  1. That brought tears to my eyes my heart hurts for the families especially the children who are to live their lives knowing what they saw! Folks let's pray for those kids and let's reach out to each other. There is too much hate and envy going on in our lives let's just love each other and live peacefully. Please please please let's end this violence too many people are dying uselessly! It so sweet to live and enjoy life! Stop allowing the devil into your hearts my people! We need the once peaceful St.Lucia we need an intervention we need new laws we need a stronger force to wipe away those criminals illegible carriers and weapons off the streets! We need a better men and women for the future! Put a stop to it young men and women! Please stop with tears rolling down my cheeks and pain in my heart let's just humble ourselves! Make St.Lucia crime FREE!!


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