Funeral home kept dressing wrong bodies for night of wakes

Funeral home kept dressing wrong bodies for night of wakes

(NEW YORK POST) – At this bungling Manhattan mortuary, it’s the staff that’s brain-dead, angry customers claim.

In just a few hours on Sunday the R.G. Ortiz Funeral Home botched four services — causing extra pain for grieving families, including one that was presented a casket with the wrong person inside.

“It was another woman in my mother’s dress,” said Miguel Paulino Castro, 57. “I was in disbelief.”

The former corrections officer from The Bronx said that the other woman’s remains — which were clad in an outfit the family picked out for his late 79-year-old mom Maria — appeared not to have been embalmed and were in the early stages of decomposition.

The shocking blunder was revealed after the remains were delivered three hours late from another funeral home in The Bronx.

Castro said he tracked down his mother’s body at another funeral home in The Bronx on his own.

The loved ones of Jeremy Rodriguez, 24, were also forced to suffer on their tragic day after the workers at the home got his body to the facility hours late and then left another person’s casket in the room where they were to have their services.

His family, which paid $11,000 for the wake, had to wheel in their loved one’s casket themselves because the funeral home was short-staffed, relatives told WABC-TV.

“This was one of the most horrendous moments I ever experienced in my life,” Elizabeth Felix, Rodriguez’s cousin, raged.

The body of Rafael Garcia also arrived three hours late, wearing the wrong clothes, infuriating his family, they said.

“If you loved your loved one, do not bring them here. This is inhumane,” a relative, Awilda Torres, told WABC.

The body of another, unidentified woman also arrived hours late on Sunday and the flowers and decorations — such as rosary beads and crosses — that her family ordered had never been set up, according to the station.

“I just happened to turn around and saw the flowers,” said Nancy Rivera, who paid $5,000 for the service. “[I] took them and put them in the room.”

The lone worker at the funeral home was so stressed out by the series of flubs, she passed out, according to the station.

“The lady who is on site collapsed. Families called an ambulance for her. [She] could not take us asking so many questions and complaining. Horrendous,” said Felix.

Workers at R.G. Ortiz Funeral Home declined to comment on Monday. The owner, Michael Ortiz, didn’t return calls seeking comment.


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