Fundraising event to be held for teen diagnosed with Leukemia

Fundraising event to be held for teen diagnosed with Leukemia

73db16f4-f60f-4c51-b2ca-c644d7e0d0a7PRESS RELEASE – Herbert Joseph only 18 years, who was known to be an active and fun loving youth, has been recently diagnosed with leukemia.

He is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments which will be for the duration of 12 months. We have organised this concert to help raise funds, which will go towards the treatment costs.

The gospel concert is being held at the Grand Riviere Dennery Secondary School on 30th April 2016 @ 8pm. Tickets cost $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12 (aged o-5 free).

Please contact one of the following numbers via whatsapp or call for any further information : (758) 712‑2759,(758) 718-2766, (868) 766‑0603, (758) 717‑3626

Come support this worthy cause.


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  1. chemo is a deadly form to treat lukeimia the chemo will destroy whats around it but not the root and it will aid in spreading more of the disesase why this chemo is harmful there are other options there are other options he just has to totally go on natural foods stay away from the drugs from the killer medical industry its poison and feed on essential oil like lemon oil frankinsence oil and eat and drink alot of vege juices and foods no flesh no meat no artificial nothing and i guarantee you he will be healed your body was design to heal it self not chemo


  2. As a counter measure in trying to stay healthy squeeze half a lemon into a warm glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning.
    Also, try consuming cabbage, broccoli , cauliflower or bok Choy if possible. These vegetables help increase the alkaline levels in humans. These alkalines aid in flushing toxins from the body.


    • This is indeed a worthy cause hope that the family will get support. Julius, I think you should add orgainically grown cabbage ect. From my personal experience the the veggies you listed are from the same family and are attacked by the same pests which require heavy use of pesticides when they bare grown commercially.


  3. Excellent method of support from a community stand point and hopefully a large turnout for this worthy cause.
    Congratulations to all involved. There is still much humanity in tho world.
    Your involvement is a direct testament.


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