Fundraising account set up to “help bring Jeffa home” and “raise her baby girl”

Fundraising account set up to “help bring Jeffa home” and “raise her baby girl”

(SNO) — An online fundraising campaign was launched on Thursday, Oct. 4 to raise funds to help relatives bring home the body of Jeffa Belasse, who passed away in the U.S. on Tuesday, Oct. 2 shortly after giving birth to her first child.

The campaign called ‘Let’s bring Jeffa home!” was created on the popular crowdfunding site, GofundMe. CLICK HERE.

According to the campaign’s profile, the funds will also assist to raise Jeffa’s baby girl “Sabbatini – which means Gift of God”.

The profile reads: “On Tuesday October 2, 2018; Jeffa Belasse finally became a mother to her own flesh and blood. A daughter Sabbatini – which means Gift of God. How fitting was it for Him to grant Jeffa this gift, this surprise pregnancy, this addition to all the children she already has; which may not be blood, but that didn’t matter to anyone especially Jeffa. From great happiness to sheer tragedy… Jeffa who had a high risk pregnancy fell ill shortly after giving birth and unfortunately passed away. Leaving her very own child without a mother. Leaving VF to step up and do exactly what she has done for so many – help raise this baby girl. How does this happen in 2018? Why did God bless Jeffa and then take her away? There are so many questions, but the reality is, we need to bring Jeffa back home to VF where she belongs. Jeffa has done so much for so many. She was a walking angel on earth and now without a doubt she is one is heaven. Let us come together and do what we can to help the Belasse family bring Jeffa home.”

At the time of her passing, Jeffa, a resident of Calvary Hill, Vieux Fort, worked in the accounts department of St. Jude Hospital.

She was an active member of the Vieux Fort community, in sports, culture, education, pageantry, just to name a few.




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