Fuel tax fixing roads islandwide

Fuel tax fixing roads islandwide

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The application of the fuel tax by the Government of Saint Lucia, has begun to bear fruit to the benefit of taxpayers, particularly motorist.

Many major roads around the island are being fixed through funding from the fuel tax. These include the Barre De Isle and the Vanard/Millet roads.

The Department of Infrastructure Ports, Energy and Labour is announcing that many more roads are now scheduled to receive attention because of the fuel tax.

Chief Engineer Mr. Albert Jn. Baptiste says application of the fuel tax to undertake infrastructure works is a novel policy initiative since tax payers can now see and feel the benefits.

He says the injection of the fuel tax will help address the dire need for road repairs around the country.

In the short to medium term several roads are earmarked for major repairs – which circumferences the island, emanating from Castries in the North, to Anse La Raye to Vieux Fort in the South and through Dennery and beyond.

The Government of Saint Lucia will fix over 100 kilometers of roads using the fuel tax in the coming months.


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  1. Good day

    We the people of Desrameaux, Monchy, Gros Islet are in disperate need of road repair. The road from Riviere Mitant to Desrameaux is one of the main soar points. Our vehicles suffer from extensive damage from the war zone of pot holes that are encounter which create exorbitant amount of repair bills that is heavily tax by our government.

    From the above article, government has accumulate funds for road repair and have been repairing roads but when will this benefit reach the community of Desrameaux.

    Tourist and tour operators use this road to visit various sites in the northern part of the island. Commuters use this road to bypass the traffic on the highway. We the residence use this road for our daily routines.

    Please repair our roads.


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