‘From maternity to the other side of the (St. Jude Hospital) stadium in the hot sun’ (letter to the editor)

Letter to the Editor

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St. Jude Hospital is currently being housed at this stadium.

Dear Editor: I’m currently admitted at the St Jude’s Hospital and I want to know what the f*** the Ministry of Health is doing.

I was admitted on Sunday and today is Wednesday. People are coming in and there are no beds. I’ve been there from Sunday and my sheets haven’t been changed and I’m not blaming the nurses or doctors. They are trying with the little resources they have.

Yesterday, I had to go for a chest x-ray and they had to push me from maternity to the other side of the stadium in the hot sun so I can be x-rayed. And I had to be pushed in the hot sun back to maternity.

I want to know what the hell the Ministry of Health is doing because when they’re sick they can afford to fly out of the country for treatment, but I can’t afford to go anywhere.

I’m so upset but I have to keep my blood pressure down.

– Concerned

Editor’s note: This letter was actually received a week ago, around this time, but only now getting around to publishing it.

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  1. I just dont understand some ppl!! So the person who wrote this is wrong for airing her views?? Labour party did not fullfill their promise to open the hospital! Yes thats true but WHERE ARE THEY NOW????


    So maybe! Just maybe by her writing this, it will motivate and encourage this current Governemt to act!!

    Stop being so negative and look at the bigger picture!!

  2. This word I will write is one of the final warnings to us as a country. Years ago we were warned to not be political. Petty politics has destroyed much of the good in this nation. power and greed at the expensense of common decency , common sense, fairness and justice. God's final word on the matter is to pray. if we don't we will be broken to pray.

    • Yes, politics, like the person who accuses SNO of being pro-Chastanet because we posted the letter one week after we received it, without knowing the exact circumstances that caused the delay. Everything is politics. No one can say or do anything without them being accused of having some political motive. More than likely it is some psycho just looking attention.

      • If you were in opposition and foaming at the mouth over Gynsberg you would not sit on it for a day much less a week. As far as SNO been pro Chastanet well all know its a knock off Volkischer Beobachter with comrade supreme and camaraderie's at the helm.

  3. You had the letter for a week and is now you want to publish it ?? And why so comrade ?? My only guest and definitive rationale would be to protect your "extruded" leader and his failed policies. Well ! No surprise there. Once again you and his illiterate supporters with chime in with absorb rationale has to why this young lady is going this and that and of course who is to blame(the easy way out). To that I say, the election has long been over, how long will they continue with their blame game and govern. How long before they wake up and smell the coffee and realize that was then this is now so the buck stops here.

    • LOL look at this BS?

    • I guess the government is governing thats why they refuse to engage people like you. The government has also outlined its plan publicly so why do you continue to engage is this type of campaign. Why wasn't this campaign initiated as soon as when you were being bluffed that the hospital would be opened soon by the previous administration. But here you are criticizing snow that it was a week late with a letter. Boss you are 5 years late and 50% complete!! Who does that?

  4. Sorry about your experience but it's been happening years even when the labour party gave dates on reopening the stjudes hospital. They left office and never fulfill thier promise. Let's see what this government has to offer.

    • It's been over two years bro they haven't offered much so far. This administration grace period is over, it's time for results and keep the promises that got yall in power. Enough excuses about the slp govt didnt do this and that, just do what you promise to do.

  5. Ask Chastanet if you can stay by him. Please!!!


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