From Bordelais inmate to pastor: “I was arrested by the Holy Ghost”

From Bordelais inmate to pastor: “I was arrested by the Holy Ghost”

Just last year he was an inmate at the Bordelais Correctional Facility for an offence which he said he did not commit, but today he is a junior pastor at the Bethesda Tabernacle Blood and Faith Ministries.

Kimworth Wiliams, 35, who hails from the community of Babonneau, said he is now following a straight and narrow path, and is yearning to go back to the place he was once incarcerated, as a pastor.

He had been on remand for seven years and some months before his case was finally dismissed earlier this year.

According to the newly converted, he decided to change his life while on remand after listening to the pastors who came to minister to the inmates at the facility. He however added that it was Pastor Wally St. Juste whose preaching deeply touched him and inspired him to become a follower of the Bethesda Tabernacle Blood and Faith Ministries.

Williams said as a result, he and other inmates decided to form a prayer group and began ministering to other inmates. He said they would pray and fast and offer deliverance to other inmates who were experiencing various types of problems. According to him, whenever there were activities at the facility he would be called upon to pray.

Williams said a few inmates tried to discourage him from ministering, but it did not work.

“I became a spiritual leader at the facility and had my own ministry in it. Some years ago I was ordained by Pastor Wally. I was blessed by Pastor Wally’s ministry…” Williams told this reporter in an interview.

He added, “God has been working with me… Many people have been touched by my ministry.”

William said now that he is out of the facility, he will be continuing the work he began there.

He called on those incarcerated to have faith in God and keep praying, adding that God can use them for the same purpose he was used.

According to the born-again Christian, his friends and family are proud of him, commending him for changing his life.

His message to those criminals out there, is to think of their future, search within themselves to find out what is their purpose on earth and stay away from crime. He warned them that the simple things they do will determine their destiny.

“Sometimes you listen to a particular type of music and it influences you…Sometimes you look at a particular type of video and it influences you. The choices you make may have consequences later, not only for you, but also your family. Search within yourself and find out who you really are, and why you were created,” Williams said in a pastoral voice.

He added: “Crime does not pay… It pays the judges, lawyers, prosecutors, police officers…”

According to Williams, who grew up in a Catholic family, he was misled by his peers by whom he wanted to be accepted. He however added that it did not have any serious consequences on his life.

“I was wrongly accused… I was not arrested by the police, I was arrested by the Holy Ghost…” he said.

Williams went on to say that it had to happen that way for him to change his life, adding that his calling was to become a pastor which he rejected. However, according to the former DJ, the tribulation one goes through should be placed behind one’s back and focus on the future.

He described Bordelais Correctional Facility as a “very, very terrible” place to be.


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  1. Well, that's one place you can take people money and not go to jail for it. Why do you think that there are so many churches and pastors? You might have been innocent in the past, but corruption is in your future with this pastoring thing.


  2. I'm very for you bro... but that sheep in wolf clothing so call pastor my brother think twice about that decision.. he is fake, take my advice and find a new place of worship


  3. Very inspiring and encouraging..yes there is hope for everyone...even all the young gangbangers who turned to their peers for acceptance and the fast life which always involve crime....but JESUS wants to take hold of them and like kim arrested by the HOLY GHOST...YES this is is the victory...
    One thing I would like to see happen is apart from ministering his testimony at bordelaise....he should be invited to have a time slot on a radio and tv station to minister to the youth out there...GOD is and our youth who thinks that all hope is gone when it comes to crime...they need to hear it from the horses mouth blessed Kim and may the HOLY SPIRIT continue to arrest you and in turn all our youth through your ministry will someday be arrested by the HOLY GHOST...somebody needs to start the work..I will be praying for you and your family


    • I don't know him, but i am so happy for him. JUST WOW !!!. A very inspiring story, which students need to hear and learn from. WOW


  4. Amen keep up the faith ,and keep spreading the good news
    Our country needs this kinds of words and where you were before ,Blessings upon you ,keep the faith


  5. God allow you to be in there for reasons you did not have time for him there was a calling on your life but did not take it serious so he arrested you he kept you in there for a reason you felt at the time it was bad but God knee his planning for you so he use you I am proud of you.i want to believe that a lot of inmates will be free like you God need them he will send them back to their family.god bless you that is why it is not good to judge let's live it to God let him be the judge I pray that God will pour his blood over you and keep you in his care god bless you and your family what a sweet testimony praise the lord


  6. Good for u my boy aunt love u and will always do May the good Lord bless and keep you under his wings Am proud of you Must make time to come to your service


  7. It was no accident you ended up in that place; think about it, it could have been worse.
    The Lord have blessed you, so be thankful and build up on that blessing. Don't stop, the lord is with you.


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