Friends believe Lester “flipped” if he indeed committed Ephraim’s murder

Friends believe Lester “flipped” if he indeed committed Ephraim’s murder
Lester Daniel (left) and Ike Ephraim.
Lester Daniel and Ike Ephraim.
Lester Daniel and Ike Ephraim.

Several persons who describe themselves as close friends of murder accused Lester Daniel, has said that the well-known photographer and Movielink Entertainment Facebook page administrator, may have finally lost his temper on the night of the alleged murder, after enduring an alleged series of harassment from known gangsters and troublemakers.

Daniel, 39, appeared in court today for the offence of non-capital murder in connection with the death of 27-year-old Ike Ephraim, whose battered and bloodied body was found in a drain in Caye Mange, Gros Islet last week. A post mortem revealed that the Reduit, Gros Islet died from severe head injuries.

Most people know Daniel as a “humble”, “hardworking hustler” – not a violent murdering maniac, according to his friends.

He was allegedly operating a bar/night club in Bois d’Orange, Gros Islet between the night of Tuesday, June 20 and the morning of Wednesday, June 21 when hell broke lose between him and the deceased. From all indications there was a heated argument and a physical altercation.

There are many rumours as to what allegedly occurred. Most bloggers branded the deceased as the instigator, who was allegedly intoxicated. They also claimed that Daniel was the victim, who was fighting back to protect his life and business.

Lester Daniel
Lester Daniel

Several friends of the incarcerated father told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that while they don’t condone violence they believe if Daniel is guilty he may have been forced to take deadly action out of retaliatory fear.

“Ike has his goons and everyone including Lester [Daniel] knows this, today for Ike tomorrow forĀ Lester,” one ‘close friend’ told SNO.

“Lester is my padna, he is no troublemaker, he is humle. The man flip gasa. I won’t say much but if you saw what happen night, anyone would flip…I agree he went too far but if he didn’t Ike would come back for him,” the friend added.

Another person claiming to have known and worked with Daniel over the years told SNO Daniel was no troublemaker.

“Lester works hard, a hardworking hustler… he does almost anything to make a money. He is not perfect, but who is? Ike ain’t no saint either. It is sad because Ike is dead and Lester is in jail – for someone who is known to be problems. It’s a lose-lose situation. When and if he comes out he has to face Ike’s people,” the friend added.

Several other persons told SNO that they had warned Daniel about the type of business he was operating and its location in the north of the island.

“I told him the business he is running is high risk and sooner or later it is going to put him in trouble. He told me not to worry he has the right connections and he is good with the people, but the same people he claimed to be good with is what’s now have him in this situation,” one person claimed.

“If trouble sneeze close by, they blame it on Lester’s club…I warned him about that place and the type of characters who frequent there. He used to complain about the problems and harassment he endured from time to time but I did warn him too,” another person added.

Ephraim’s death is the 28th homicide for the year. Daniel has been remanded until his next court date.


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  1. All of us must see our judgement. No Man is good under Jah sun. Lester is such a good, humble man that he decided to torture a man to death whilst the man was drunk. The story given shows that he enjoyed every bit of what he was doing. Not for a second did he stop. It must have felt good watching the intoxicated a-- suffer. You beat the man, ran him over and drop a block on his head. Good for you Lester. Now you can watch Ike die everyday in your dreams. Hope it was worth it.


  2. Alcohol is the gate that open doors for wicked demons to enter....once somebody die rum always involved.


  3. Alcohol attracts demons. I know lester he was very helpful when I had my publication project. He was kind and nice. He never disrespected me. Always knd when I asked him to come help me. And now that bar rum vibe attracts devils I tell u. To own a bar u have to get protection from stronger demons because God is not in no rum vibe. U see me!
    I have had evil doors open when I was operation a restaurant that sold rum. That s-t put me in problems. I pray that God forgive u Lester!


  4. Lol..the article foto looks like ike is holding lester around the neck,lester wasn't all that bad he was running a bznz and Ike and his goons had an open pass(FREE)whenever they came around ike would also bring in his white girl,in all truth she should have been paying doulble price with her fat ugly a**.


  5. Of all what I have read so far for those defending Ike and wanna retialte thinking it's the right thing urll are just as dumb as he is I don't condone what Lester did but flip the scrip he maybe deserve one is bad and all bad man days are numbers bunch of foolish so call gangsta..Ike is just another useless body off the streets..Lester I pray for strength for u and lord knows u had enough and u had a breaking point. ..


  6. These guys are not gangstas. Do you people even truly know or seen true gangstas? They're more like hood rats not gangstas. They're gangsta wannabes that they see on TV or hear in rap song. Gangstas? No. Hood rats. Yes


  7. All of you quoting the Bible and using god in your sentences, the same God told the scribes and pharasies he without sin cast the first stone. The same God forgave David for committing murder of his best friend to steal his wife. The same God forgave Saul, a murderer and changed his name to Paul who became a great preacher. Some of you like to judge too fast and condemn like y'all are without sins. All sin is sin. Lester may have committed murder but more than half of you have done the same in your wombs, half of you steal, lie, cheat, commit adultery and fornication. It is sad that a young man had to die and the life of another is at stake but the best we all should say and do is pray for the families affected and ask God for the strength and courage to forgive even as God forgives us all!


    • "All sin is sin" Thats what religious people say when they want to excuse some heinous act. As if we can realistically compare a murderer to a thief. Another thing they say, "let us pray about it. Lets ask god for strength." Thats just another way of admitting that you are willing to just let the violence continue and do nothing about it. smh


  8. He right to kill him sorry father. But it's high time somebody took out that ike. His goons next. What that's posing me off is all of urll saying good stuff about Hilary knew he was a demon. He was a f-- menace. After u try and burn DE man ride it eh bhrn u send something on the windscreen. Ike u do ppl enough already and all of urll no that. U die like a Ole dog. That's for the tears u put in parents eyes already.


  9. If it was tge other way round hiw many would be happy ike was in prison?

    I believe it was just what it had to be.
    I hate them fellas whom believe that justice is for them and can never be against them.

    How many people is now buried because of the victim?
    I am ASKING a question


  10. How was it SELF defense when Ike couldn't even DEFEND himself cause he was intoxicated? THis was a PREMEDITATED MURDER...Lester knew what he wass doing...but because he is a well known "business man" he thought he would get away with it by padsin some $$ under the table.... Reguardless of what led to this did not have to result in murder! Let alone droppin his body in a gutter as if he was a piece of garbage!


  11. All u idiots who keep saying Lester is humble and Ike ghetto....were u a---s there when he ran Him over broke his legs and arms nd threw him to the back of his vehicle to further batter him and discard him like a dog and Lester will then say "Oh he didn't dump Ike body, he jus gave him a touch up and dropped him Gros Islet and then come back and recant his story...
    F-- outta here with u all f--.....point blank period all the links he say he have he couldn't call police to have them go down with the guy???? He wouldn't have been difficult to find. He vandalized ur property u take further action which is the law.....But mother f--- doh come and play insanity here....u a grown a-- man who knew better off.....U take a father away from his will if ur a-- happen to get out of this case....Man flee de country u might as well be a dead man walking....what u did is what u would call a hainus act....u vindictive mother f--...and who don't like it toof


    • Oh well reading your comments says a lot about that dude Ike . if that's the case ike your rope had a short end mother --


    • Stfu he right
      Mate was a bully
      And bc he knew he had people to back him up he felt like he could bully who ever
      I'm not saying it's right his kids lost him
      But if he really cared about his kids he would stop the "bad boy" act and settle down
      If lester didn't kill him first someone else would have


  12. My comments are limited one deserves this. However when someone is provoked they do crazy things. The devil is seeking for all the souls for whom he shall devour. Lester and I grew up together never know him to be like that. I knew Ike for the same way. Weeks ago he and his crew recked verve beating a girl up. But still no one deserves this but can someone tell me if an amount of flammable liquid was purchased and your motor vehicle was doused with it and tried to be set ablaze how would you react. Again rip Ike but some of our actions affect us in the future. I pray both parties get through it. Sad how a life is lost we need to think before we act


  13. Call police for that kinda character? Take them once u get the chance. That IKE fella n sum more have to go. 1 gangster less on the streets.