French priest suspended after slapping baby during baptism

French priest suspended after slapping baby during baptism

(AFP) — A French Catholic priest was suspended Friday after a video of him smacking a crying baby during a baptism ceremony went viral, drawing widespread condemnation on social media.

In footage posted on Twitter on Thursday, gasps can be heard when the 89-year-old priest, after ordering the infant he is holding to “be quiet”, sharply slaps his cheek.

A few seconds later he smacks him again.

The baby’s parents, visibly shocked, eventually manage to extricate the child from the priest’s grip during the ceremony in Champeaux, about 50 kilometres (30 miles) southeast of Paris.

“This loss of self-control can be attributed to the fatigue of an elderly priest, but that doesn’t excuse it,” the diocese of Meaux, which includes the town, said in a statement.

It said the priest would no longer be leading baptisms and weddings nor holding mass until further notice.

“The child was bawling and I needed to turn his head so I could pour the water. I was saying ‘be quiet’ but he wouldn’t calm down,” the priest told France Info radio on Friday.

“It was something between a caress and a little slap,” he said. “I was trying to calm him down; I didn’t really know what to do.”


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  1. He assaulted a minor! This is a criminal offence! HE SHOULD BE CRIMINALLY CHARGED! If the childs parents were seen giving him that slap they would loose custody & be criminally charged .


  2. First of all that priest should not be doing such a job. It maybe hard to retire him but give him a small jobs that r not dealing with people. I bet he never realized what he was doing and maybe nervous and didn't know what to do with a crying baby..... There's no point of cursing and using gross language over the subject, it makes u look worse.


    • In the first place, its not like that was the priest first baptism with a baby. He was wrong in slapping the baby and should be charged with child abuse very unprofessional.


      • He needs to be fired. He shouldnt be able to hide behind a church. I thought we were trying to end priests abusing children. This is crimal and charges should be filed. Period!


  3. If that was my child he smacked I would of knocked him out.. BASTARD
    Yes I'm Catholic and that priest should be charged ??


  4. Maybe if the parents had gone over to assist the priest seeing that the child was getting out of control this whole incident would not have occurred. Parents know their child more than anyone else they know what sort of child they were passing over to the priest they should have been more focused.


    • I am a Catholic as I'm sure you are but that doesn't give the priest the right to do what he done. He's lucky he didn't get a slap and that the parents were quite reserved, time for this priest to retire.


    • You are an idiot. The parents were holding the child who was clearly not out of control but scared. The is the Priest job and if he can't handle a crying baby without physically harming it he shouldn't be allowed to work with children.


    • The child was scared ,do not put any of the blame on the parents ,this Prost was way out of line


    • Seriously Edwardo you sicko, trying to make excuses for the old crusty bastard. Man of god my ass. He was upset cause the parents was there and couldn't fondle the kid. Sick old fawk. I would of kicked it in the nuts and gave it 3 dunks in the fountain.


      • I wish I could like your comment a 100 times. Damn pedophile. A lot of these old crows need to go sit by a lake. All they're good for is to fondle little children especially boys. Sickos!


    • seriously? its a small child... who would have thought he would have the nerve to do that anyway? im sure in his 89 years hes seen children scared... definitely not the parents fault... dont defend an arsehole...


  5. the child didn't care for the fake act.. and how rude of that priest to hit the baby he should be charged for child abuse.


  6. I would have given the child to the father and kick that priest in his groin. I would hit his head so hard on the font, he would fall unconscious. The man is wicked and should have been beaten up by the father of the child. That crow would have been kicked and beaten up so bad, he would crawl out of the church. I watched the video and was so angry, please send him to me.


  7. me the father i was slapping the priest too pah pah pah you want to fight pah, you want to fight pah, you want to fight pah behave yourself pah, behave your self pah, behave your self pah


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