French nationals arrested for George Charles Airport ‘bomb’ scare

By SNO Staff

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George Charles Airport

(SNO)– Police have arrested two French nationals in connection with a ‘bomb’ scare at the George F.L. Charles Airport on Saturday, June 9, 2018 which resulted in the evacuation and temporary closure of the facility, according to reports.

The incident occurred after 8 a.m. when the two people – a male and his female companion – repeatedly claimed that explosives were at the facility.

The airport was subsequently evacuated and the police were called in but a search of the facility, particularly the airport tarmac and passenger baggage, by specialist officers found no explosives.

Operations at the airport resumed around 10 a.m.

Authorities believe the duo’s motive stemmed from their earlier objection to paying for overweight baggage. They were scheduled to fly to Martinique via Air Caraibes.


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  1. their habit. french people some of them disgusting they never want to pay for something and they lie alot. personal experience with them so i watching everyone of them close once it comes to paying they finding something to make a issue about it but it could also be a lack of communication

  2. They need to do this in their country, St. Lucia do not need that mess. Do you think that a lucian can go to ther country and do this ......

    • St lucians do mess a lot in France Darling,
      Check the prison in Martinique!
      Then compare the size of both countries.
      If France stays away should it keep its financial and technical (ex police, hospital staff) support?

  3. Simple case of Air Caraibe worker not understanding the word "explosé " vs "explosives"
    Thé first means to destroy.

    • Yes. Understandable confusion. Like supposay vs suppositoire. Clearly, the explosives were in their trousers.

  4. They better keep their shit in their country..leave out my sweet sweet country

  5. Not surprising. Air Caraibes has an amateurish, infuriating, hands-off operation at George F.L. Charles. Top heavy on arrogance. Light in the loafers in the clarity department. They need better management.

    • We like listening to ppl conversation and twisting it around... I don't think the French national mean any harm... All the said the they will have to make bomb to pay for they laggage... And that person reported the ppl without thinking... I heard that I laughed... I was late to my destination... SMH..


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