UPDATE: French national dies after boating accident

UPDATE: French national dies after boating accident

On Thursday, May 23, 2013, at about 7:20 am, as a result of information received, officers attached to the Rodney Bay Police Station and other police personnel, including the marine police, proceeded to the Reduit Beach.

Whist there, there encountered the body of a male individual in the open expanse of the sea. He was later identified as 62-year-old Jean Francois Gregoire, a French national on assignment with the Ministry of Education in Saint Lucia.

Information received indicates that he had encountered a watercraft. As a result of the impact he sustained serious injuries and was transported to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

A post mortem examination is scheduled for a later date. An investigation into the incident continues.

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  1. That is a real tragedy ...I feel so sad ..and angry....cause unfortunetely I am not surprised.
    I do spearfishing and snorkelling and I have always my buoy and flag but not feeling safe in the water in SLU. Even with the buoy I had so many times to wave my speargun in the air and scream to avoid collision with boats and most of the time they were professional operators carying tourists to the South at full throttle very close to the coast ( just mentioning the small yellow ones they wil recognize themselves ...the Sandals and the Sport hotel water activities boats...managers have a close look at your employees..They are some time not good embassadors on the water...special mention to the bloody Idiots on Jetskis).I'm afraid this accident will happen again (hope i will not be the next one ...)unless we start to realise that training is needed for every users and Regulation should be implemented with controls and heavy fine for those speeding close to the shore and not respecting the law.
    This issue does not only concern Reduit beach or bathing areas, everyone should feel and be safe in the water , the sea is to vast to experience such a tragedy. It is a problem of education , training , regulation and law enforcement.
    I agree with Anonymous : speeding is a crime on the raod and on water ....
    Such an accident is also a bad press to SLU
    May my fellow citizen rest in peace...bon courage à la famille ...KH


  2. Ok,i love the water and water sports and many locals and vacationers alike come to st.Lucia for just that.However all too often small craft operators especially jet ski operators hot dogging grand standing and showing off as well as speeding very close to where people swim.this was 100%foreseeable it was only a matter of when it would happen.They enter the mouth of the gros islet gap at full throttle and there is a 15 mph sign there.What training do these operators have, who regulates them,are they insured,why is safey not enforced???.this could impact tourism if visitors feel their safety will be compromised.


  3. There is a roped off area; however, it means nothing to the water sports in the area. Boats and jet skis go into the roped off area every day. Some swimmers go far out and are difficult to see in the water. Those that snorkel and dive should be required to have a ring with flag on so they can be easily seen. This was an unfortunate horrific accident. May he rest in peace.


  4. For how many years have SLASPA been asked to buoy off the bathing areas in front of Reduit beach? This death is their responsibility as much as it is the responsibility of the fool driving the boat.


    • so true. the same madness we see on the roads we see it on the water as well so why should we not expect the same carnage on the water too.


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