French national accused of causing the death of Choiseul man at Jazz Fest 2012

French national accused of causing the death of Choiseul man at Jazz Fest 2012

Fifty-three-year old Lucas Francois of Choiseul met a tragic end at Saint Lucia Jazz Fest 2012.

It seems fitting therefore that the man whom police claim may be responsible for his death has been committed to stand trial on the eve of Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2013.

French national Eric Sommer is allegedly responsible for the drowning death of Francois because on two separate occasions he failed to act in order to save his life.

According to the prosecution, Sommer was not only responsible for Francois being in the water in the first place, he also failed to attempt any form of life-saving action when given the choice to do so.

Sommer is represented by attorney Leslie Mondesir and will reappear in court on June 28, 2013 for a report on his indictment.


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  1. Would never visit that island. Defending yourself on a bot from a well known criminal who dies, tough luck. They also killed his dog to add insult to injury. Whoever wrote the article didn't put in all the facts. Been to st. Lucia a few times,spent a lot of money there. Never again. I hear the ARC are planning on finding a new place to sail to, hope they do!


  2. Rose when the tourists boycott the island,how the hell the people who depend on the tourists industry how would they send their children to school and feed and put a roof over their heads i sugest if u dont have any positive points just shut the hell up. just plain idiots. jah


  3. this is puzzling me ! lot of visiting sailors feared to overnight in ste lucia because of criminality. eric sommer has been boarded by a well known criminal, he defended himself, and now is diyng in jail for 2 years without having judged. do you think this makes ste lucia a serious country, and attracting for visitors ?


  4. Would someone please post an update? Surely it is time that Eric has his day in court. I think that tourists should boycott this island. It seems very dangerous for ALL tourists.


  5. Let Eric have his day in court? He should be let free? He was just defending himself like any rational human would do.


  6. What justice system is this. You kept a man in jail for a whole year and is now you telling us you intend to charge him?


  7. this is a very interestin case. would be great to get more details. this being charge for not attempting to save a life to new to me.


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