Freemasons’ 300th anniversary celebration ends on high note

Freemasons’ 300th anniversary celebration ends on high note
Freemasons gathered in Royal Albert Hall in London on October 31 at the culmination of the United Grand Lodge of England's Tercentenary celebrations. (Photo: Devon Smith)
Freemasons gathered in Royal Albert Hall in London on October 31 at the culmination of the United Grand Lodge of England’s Tercentenary celebrations. (Photo: Devon Smith)

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Jamaica was well represented at the culmination of the United Grand Lodge of England’s (UGLE’s) Tercentenary celebrations held at Royal Albert Hall in London on October 31 which was attended by more than 3,900 Freemasons from provinces, districts and other grand lodges around the world.

Leading the local delegation to this historic function was Walter H Scott, QC, district grand master of the District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. He was accompanied by 18 members of the district of varying ranks.

The celebration marked the 300th year since four lodges met at the Goose and Gridiron Tavern in St Paul’s Churchyard, London, England on St John’s Day, June 24, 1717, to establish the world’s first grand lodge.

“This important milestone has been embraced with services of thanksgiving at cathedrals, car rallies, family fun days, balls and banquets, and music concerts, whilst UGLE gave a film crew unique access to the people and traditions behind Freemasonry to make a five-part documentary,” a news release from the District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands stated.

The event at Royal Albert Hall, which was the high point of a year-long programme of varied events held throughout the provinces and districts, was designed to be “an enlightening and uplifting experience, highlighting who Freemasons are and what they have done”.

It featured addresses, processions, professional musicians and performers and a lavish theatrical extravaganza. Attendees included UGLE’s Grand Master His Royal Highness Prince Michael The Duke of Kent, His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the 16th Asantehene, traditional ruler of the Kingdom of Ashanti in Ghana since April 26, 1999; and His Excellency John A Kufuor, who was president of Ghana from January 7, 2001 to January 7, 2009.

The event was live-streamed to wider audiences at UGLE’s headquarters at Freemasons’ Hall in Covent Garden, London, after which approximately 2,000 Freemasons proceeded to Battersea Evolution in Battersea Park for the tercentenary dinner.

A news release before the event quoted UGLE Grand Secretary Brigadier Willie Shackell as saying, “2017 is a year to look forward as well as back. We are honoured that over 140 sovereign grand masters from overseas will be in attendance at the Royal Albert Hall together with representatives of each province and district, as we showcase the values, principles and traditions of Freemasonry”.

“We want everyone to come away feeling proud to be a Freemason and proud of what Freemasons have achieved in the last 300 years. I feel that our role and relevance in society today could not be stronger and we now look forward to our journey through the next 300 years.”

In May this year, Jamaican Freemasonry received a shot in the arm when, as far back as 2014, the District Grand Lodge of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands was granted the privilege of hosting the Caribbean and Western Atlantic Regional Tercentenary celebrations.

In addition to local Freemasons, their brothers from across the Caribbean, South America, and Canada met at Montego Bay Convention Centre over four days, during which time the book Masonic Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (Volume 1) was launched.

The book was commissioned by the district of noted Jamaican author Jackie Ranston.

There are just over six million Freemasons worldwide, more than 200,000 of whom are in the United Kingdom.


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  1. If being a mason gets you rich then my husband must be hiding all that monew cause I've not seen it he has been a mason for 40 years he is in his 70 and stilling b working sure do wish we could find out how you come by the money I know a lot of good men who are masons they are not rich either why don't you get your fakes strict and look at all the thousands of families with handcapped children they help every day for no cost what so ever a true and proud mason wife


  2. Some of the comments here (without mentioning or attacking any) are shockingly far from the truth, but such is the world that we live in; where many persons prefer to perpetuate ignorance as truth, and do a job at convincing others that they know what they’re talking about.

    May the love of the Most High be with you all.


    • Unfortunately, you, like many others here have the wrong group in mind. The group deals with enhancing the moral and social character of the man, as well as provide opportunities for engaging in many charitable and family oriented social activities. Freemasonry has no claim to enhance a man’s material possessions, or promise any kind of fame or success. You are taught to earn these by your own merit. Perhaps if the principles taught are applied, it _may_ translate a better material life, but this is not the primary purpose or focus.

      A different organization may be of interest to you, so don’t make the same mistake as others here made, to assume that all fraternal organizations are one and the same.


  3. Do your own research as I have,I almost joined,but didn't,so draw your own conclusions and pray for the right choice!


  4. She speaking of facts u speak as master mason dont mean nothing ..are you as mother or the son... cause lets see u could never sit in poper sit with the salve name as Rodriguez .so correct until u in your Propia persona u just a paun in the game sitting just about ur own demonic deity u a force thats occupied under the Spanish anquistision that rule over ur own ppl show u what. U about.... so ppl dont try to belittle as person for what they see...child of the light keep revealing that the spirit world....demonic


  5. Yes you believe in god. No problem in that ; but which god. Read 2 Corinthians 4:4 and Let me know which god it is.


  6. Well having had the chance to peruse the introduction to Freemasonry and the other two books in the set. I have to say that there are indeed some similarities with Laveyan Satanists, but I am sworn to secrecy on what those are. I will say that their is indeed a very good chance that Freemasons represents values that others might think were abject evil. You can have a lodge of pedophiles, John Wayne Gacey was a Freemason, they found the bodies of 36 children in the crawlspaces of his house, children he had raped and murdered for certain Freemasonic rituals.


    • There is no secrecy with demon worship in ANY secret society. GLOs, Masons, Hollywood... all specialize in death and perversion. The biggest oxymoron is that many participants claim to be Christians! If you tell them it's not possible, they will put up an argument... even with proof. Catholicism and masons look like first cousins with Albert pike and the pope as brothers


    • Presidents George Washington, Truman Eisenhower, Ford and several more where Mason's. John Elway, And Brad Paisley are also Mason's, so what feeble minded point are you trying to make?


    • Wow ! That information about John Wayne
      Casey is startling.
      As the fact of so many of our presidents having been members.
      What is true versus what is so called false need,?


  7. The Illuminati in full swing yes they are coming out in the open ready to introduce their demonic works Satan in all his evil how he has fooled so many and it goes back way back to ancient history.Now it's passed down look at their demonic followers don't be fooled by their works for it's all satanic and they way he has grasped nations..the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers,and the names goes on bohemian groove where the Elite's goes to do demonic worship all world leaders are gathered..and it goes on and on yet we turn ablind eye and praise those so call secret societies..keep watching more to come ??? already unfolding????????????????⏳?