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“Free WiFi” for Castries launched

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — The Saint Lucia government on Wednesday (Dec. 19) officially launched the Government Island Wide Network (GINET) Wi-Fi Zone for Castries, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced on Facebook.

He said members of the public can now access “free WiFi” in the following areas in Castries: Government buildings (Waterfront), Serenity Park, Derek Walcott Square, Central Market, Craft Market, Constitution Park, La Place Carenage, Pointe Seraphine, Cultural Centre, and the National ICT Centre/Central Library.

GINet can also be accessed in Canaries, Dennery, Micoud and Vieux Fort, Chastanet said.

He said GINET was launched with the “assistance of the people and Government of Taiwan” and that the project “seeks to improve Wi-Fi connectivity in public areas of cities and towns whilst providing residents, tourists, and businessmen with free or low-cost Internet”.

“I look forward to our citizens not only using the technology to communicate with each other but also to take advantage of the numerous FREE online courses in their interested fields as well as to develop new businesses,” he said.

He thanked the Taiwanese for “assisting us in delivering this innovative project.️”.

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  1. Stop your BS it's global they call it trade,you give a little you take a little. Grow up pea brain. Hope you have a wonderful stress free holidays.

  2. Nothing comes for free. What is the Government of Taiwan getting in return? More of our land? Sad.

  3. Fix the security cameras.

  4. How is that project going to benefit us. All I see is people crowding these places and being unproductive.

  5. As our government continues to embrace Socialism let's always remember that NOTHING is ever truly free. Give it some time... you'll see.


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