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Free fruit and water for St. Lucia police officers

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — As part of its 15th anniversary observance, Ultra Mart Store is offering all police officers a bottle of water and a fruit.

The lawmen can take advantage of this special providing they present their “police ID” to any Ultra Mart Store, according to a social media post by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

“Starting today February 19, 2019 all members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force who present their police ID to any Ultra Mart Store will be given a small bottle of water and a fruit. This is in observance of 15 years in operation by Ultra Mart Inc.,” the post, that was published on Twitter and Facebook, reads.

There has been no indication of how long this special offer will last. Is it forever? But it definitely ‘sounds’ free of cost. There was no stated cost or discount.

Responses from members of the public have been mostly positive, with some throwing in a little humour.

Michael Flood, wrote on Facebook, said: “Great gesture by Ultra Mart. You all are very much deserving of this.”

Scott Zeal Papo added: “Wonderful initiative.”

A police officer joked: “I want star burst too lool.”

Joseph Mahy sounded a bit more serious: “A bottle of cheap.give them a bottle of Wine.or a bottle of Rum.”

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  1. This is very kind and a well deserved tip of the hat to the constables and officers of the Royal St Lucia Police Force. A nice gesture that will result in Ultra Mart receiving my custom!

  2. Publish the IMPACS report.


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