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Free dental care clinic begins today

By SNO Staff

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Great Shape Inc., a non- profit organization dedicated to empowering the children and families of the Caribbean has begun offering free dental clinics here from today, July 27.

The organization’s free dental program, 1000 Smiles, for the first time ever is offering fillings, cleanings, extractions, sealants, and education until August 10.

Teams from the United States, Canada and Saint Lucia will be at the Marchand Combined School and the Canaries Primary school, starting at 8:30 a.m. each day.

Great Shape Inc has for the past 28 years, been facilitating eye care, dental care, and literacy projects in Jamaica, serving more than 40,000 people every year.

The dental project being offered here is sponsored by the Sandals Foundation.

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  2. If you don't go there for six o clock you won't get a number for you to see the dentist

  3. Will they be there on Saturdays too?

  4. Is it just kids alone or teens and adults can come ?

  5. Of all the locations seriously

  6. Out of all locations that's the best.

  7. People in the East/South not important ? We all have good teeth ? SIGHHH !!!

  8. Only in the north. What about the south.

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      Yall ignorant lucians NEVER like to take time to read!!.. It clearly states.. Marchand Combined and Canaries Primary... So tell me where CANARIES is???????????????????

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  10. This is such a great initiative, and thanks to sandals for funding such an organisation. I hope this venture will encourage other corporate organisation to embark on similar projects, that will be beneficial to the people of st Lucia and the country by extention.

  11. i am following the free dental program, is this only targeted to children?

  12. Read the article if you want to know where!

  13. Woooow nun for vf I'd like to attend

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