Frederick calls PM Chastanet “dumb”, and Venezuela visa decision “bullsh–try”

By SNO Staff

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Chastanet (left) and Federick

(SNO) – Former Cabinet Minister Richard Frederick has described the government’s reasons for imposing visa restrictions on Venezuelans as “bullsh–try”, “absurd”, and “ridiculous”.

Frederick made the comments on the July 26, 2018 edition of his popular live talk show, ‘Can I Help You’, aired weekly on MBC Television.

According to a press release, the Government of Saint Lucia will impose visa requirements on Venezuelans — with the exception of diplomats and genuine business persons — due to the “mounting national security concerns and the monitoring of unrelenting activities impacting the island’s porous borders”.

In layman’s terms, Venezuelan criminals are being blamed for the influx of drugs and drug-related crimes in Saint Lucia over the past several years.

However, Frederick joins a growing number of public figures who do not believe that putting visa restrictions on Venezuelan nationals will deter any criminal activity in Saint Lucia. Furthermore, Frederick believes that such an action against Venezuelans is ungrateful considering the fact that the South American country has been seen as the island’s ally for many years. He pointed out the PetroCaribe agreement which has benefited Saint Lucia and many countries in the Caribbean.

Commenting on the issue during the talk show, Frederick started off by calling Prime Minister Allen Chastanet “dumb” for arriving at such a decision, while on the other hand lifting visa restrictions for Chinese nationals.

“Allen Chastanet is a dumb prime minister, there is no question about that. And this is not an opinionated statement, it’s a factual statement, a factual statement. And because of that, he believes he can lead a 170,000 people into his territory of dumbness. He believe he can do so. But I’ll tell you Allen Chastanet, this would be an arduous task. I am not in your 43 percent. I may be a jack– but you will not tell me when to bray, you will not tell me when to bray,” Frederick stated.

He went on to say that “no one would stand to deny that most drugs come from Colombia into Venezuela and then other countries into the region — that’s known to the average man”.

He added: “But I want to ask the prime minister to answer me this: which drug lord, which drug supplier, which boat captain, coming into this country or to any other country as a matter of fact, with their whole load of drugs or their whole load of guns, if you want to call it that, will go and look for a visa, and say ‘hello I need a visa to come to Saint Lucia to take my loads of drugs and guns down there?”

The former Castries Central representative called the decision “bullsh–try”.

“Is there a word called bullsh–try? I mean, I never heard such crap, and if there is such a word, this is bullsh-try. The illegal drug trade is one in which almost everything is done illegally, everything.

“The guys don’t come on planes, they come on planes? The guys use their boats, most times they don’t even come into our ports. They do what they have to do on the water. This is common knowledge, so to say that you’ll put a visa requirement to curb that particular situation is absurd.”

Frederick, a lawyer by profession, continued with some sarcasm: “Yea, you will see a Venezuelan coming through Vigie airport or Hewanorra airport, ‘uhhmm come through, yes you have your visa’ – stamp; customs officer: ‘what do you have to declare?’ ‘I have two kilos of cocaine to declare’. Nonsense, nonsense, you would not hear that.” That excuse does not hold water. This excuse is ridiculous Mr. Prime Minister and your explanation makes no sense, none whatsoever, because no amount of visa or other stipulation would prevent those desperate illegal thugs from doing their drug trade, so you need to wheel and come again.”

He said, at the time when Saint Lucians were required to have a visa to enter Martinique, the Saint Lucian drug dealers did not apply for a visa in order to get their drugs through the French territory.

“They didn’t go and look visas. Most of them don’t even have passports,” he said.

“Let’s be real. It’s that kind of thinking that caused all that Brouhaha in the House of Assembly on Tuesday (July 24, 2018)” CLICK HERE FOR THAT STORY)

Frederick then observed that the mainstream media houses have “refused” to take on the prime minister with those “frivolous explanations”.

He is one of a number of persons speaking out against the visa imposition.

Local human and gender rights advocate Felicia Dujon Browne expressed her support for Venezuela, which is experiencing severe economic hardships due to internal and external challenges, in a Facebook post on Friday, July 27, calling the Saint Lucian government’s decision “careless”, “baseless”, and “irresponsible”. CLICK HERE TO VIEW FULL STORY ON BROWNE’S COMMENTS

“Invoking a visa restriction on Venezuela is one of the most careless decisions to have been undertaken,” she wrote.

“As members of OECS and CARICOM, we should have recognized the importance of our friendship with our Latin American brothers and sisters. Every country has its allies and foes for various reasons. We should choose carefully which allegiances we should foster or severe our ties with. When our friends are on their knees, we do not close the doors in their faces. With good governance, we should act with dignity, humility and good conscious,” she added.

The government has cautioned the nation not to sensationalise the visa issue and have sought to reach out to Venezuela diplomatically.

In a press release, it was announced that Minister for Home Affairs and National Security, Hermangild Francis, was scheduled to lead a contingent to Venezuela on Friday, July 27, 2018 to “meet with the Minister of the Popular Power for the Interior, Justice and Peace Mr. Nestor Luis Reverol and the Director of the National Anti- Drug Organization Mr. Juan Grillo Gonzales”.

Minister Francis explained, according to the release, that the government has been “very thorough in relation to responding to some of the spin-off challenges emerging from the country’s current unfortunate economic circumstances”.

“Venezuela is still our friend,” Francis said. “We are not attempting to embarrass any nation, but suffice it to say that it is incumbent on the Government to take measures that will protect the country from security threats, and not compromise the security of our citizens or our borders. So this visit signifies that we are still friends and we will discuss mutual concerns and explore any solutions for going forward.”

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  1. How is it that this excrecense is permitted so much airtime in St Lucia? He is a man with a dubious past, wealth he could not have earned as as jobbing lawyer or as a politician and like Trump talks about 'facts' when he clearly does not grasp any.Denied entry into the USA and expelled from his own party he is a laughing stock. A charlatan who compares himself to the Pope!!! He is everything that is wrong with this country.As my grandmother used to say, those closest to the pulpit are invariably the furthest from God


  3. Why yall fools talking crap yall uwp hacks, the man has a valid point Venezuelan drug dealers don't come via plane,so that Visa crap makes no sense. Most of the drugs come via sea and they can enter without fools.

  4. So true,I don't trust this guy,I small a rat

  5. Only in St.lucia that losser Richard Fridicks, will get free time to talk on TV, but not every Lucian's he can fool with his nonsense, hope the PM don't waist his precious time to answer you.By the way what party he is representing get a real life.

  6. Richard Frederick seems to know all about who should be given Visas and who should be denied Visas. So why is it he can't got to the United States and other Saint Lucians can? He was a minister of government when his Visa was revoked by the Americans with no explanation. So why does he want to address Allen Chastanet on Visas when he couldn't advise himself? Keep in mind that Kenny Anthony, yes the same Kenny Anthony who knows what Richard knows that Kenny knows, had said at the time that America does not pull someone's Visas with a good reason or two or three or four.

  7. Watch the report on Brazil's action towards Venezuelan entries. But do we have special interests always representing themselves here? Do we? Is there money to be made from recurring pieces of media propaganda? And then who benefits?

    Beware of weaponized lies and deceit. That is our world today. Beware!

    When a known minister plays the role of gatekeeper for known criminals, letting such in and out of society, only to further prey on the society, we have deeprooted corrupt societal problems. Does INTERPOL have their numbers?

  8. 99% of the gun and drugs enters the country through our open boarders.....what we. Need is surveillance . Spend money on your coast guard unit. There are modern technology that can capture the movement of vessels from as far as 25 miles ...get them in place ..get new up to date boats for our coast guard n for sire man power n then we will c a difference in the control of guns and drugs.....
    ....i see them everyday coming up there waters .that where i work i am a fisherman n we see them daily.

  9. New Testament Verse of the Day:

    You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror.

    –James 2:19

  10. I hope Chastanet does not waste time answering you.
    Hope he never gives you that satisfaction

  11. The very Venezuelans agree, U have a problem. U scared your drugs and guns won't get a free passage to Lucia anymore. Choops tan. U eh see dem Venezuelans bringing to much guns and drugs down here. They even come here and do jail break. They always in the news being caught with drugs on a boat or in a vehicle. Too many Venezuelans and Colombians down here and involved in nothing but drugs and guns.

    • @ wow.......Your words are the gospel truth, he is wearing depends right now because he's very afraid how his supply will enter St.Lucia. Mr Prime Minister please protect our little country from the Venezuelans,Colombians etc. Federick the unicorn is a very very greedy boy he's never satisfied you see how quiet the Grave Yard, Mary Ann street Morn du don is these days please let it stay as is thank you.


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