FRC to launch Creole Literacy Programme in October

FRC to launch Creole Literacy Programme in October

October is celebrated as Creole Heritage Month in Saint Lucia.

The programmes and events for the month are largely orgnized by the Folk Research Centre in association with individuals, groups and communities.

The climax of the month is the now-established Jounen Kweyol which takes place this year on Sunday, October 27.

The main communities  selected as the central venues for Jounen Kwéyòl  2013 are Grande Riviere, Vieux Fort, Mon Repos  and Soufriere.

As part of its own activities, the FRC has organised Creole Literacy programmes aimed at the school children and adults of Saint Lucia.

This year the children’s programmes take place from Tuesday, October 1 to Friday October 4 at the FRC headquarters on Mount Pleasant. The teaching sessions are arranged from 10 am – 11.30 am and from 12.30 – 2.00 pm daily.

Among the objectives of the annual programme are the increase of knowledge and awareness of aspects of St. Lucian culture among students and teachers. The FRC would like to ensure that young students continue their education with a good foundation in cultural education.

The institution also hopes that this interaction with the culture in an educational setting will help to instill in the participants a lifelong interest in, and appreciation of, their rich cultural inheritance.

The children’s programmes of the FRC are endorsed by the Ministry of Education. Teachers are asked to call the FRC to make a booking for their students.

The programmes are conducted in a lively, interactive manner and led by well known cultural personalities.

The 2013 Cultural Literacy/Creole Heritage Programme of the FRC will focus on the theme of “Nou tout sé kwéyòl – learning about our culture, learning about ourselves.” The aim will be to help participants identify, recognize and claim their unique St. Lucian heritage.

Facilitators will focus on specific and distinctive aspects of St. Lucian culture. Classes on The Kwéyòl Language, Kwéyòl narratives (folk tales), Kwéyòl music, Kwéyòl dances, Kwéyòl arts and crafts, will be presented alongside a general survey of St. Lucian history that is culturally focused.

This programme will comprise interactive presentations from which the participants will acquire cultural skills and knowledge, interact with several prominent cultural personalities, and be encouraged to continue their involvement in cultural activities. It is hoped that this experience will help to instill in the participants a lifelong interest in, and appreciation of their rich cultural heritage.

Several well-known cultural personalities will be present to meet with students and to perform for them, among them Niger Nestor, the drummer; George ‘Fish’ Alphonse, poet and actor, and Frank Norville, musician. Younger performance poets like Flora Jessy Leonce and singer Naomi Granderson are scheduled to appear.

Primary school students are expected to benefit from this educational experience.  The Ministry of Education has given its full support again to this initiative by the FRC.

While the Ministry of Education has undertaken to inform schools of the programme, teachers are encouraged to call the FRC at 452-2279 to make bookings for their classes.


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  1. when i was growing up speaking creole was like a big crime..i am happy there are no more country bookie in st.lucia..all the high class children wanting to speak it now.
    i am proud of my creole,convent girl,st.marys college speakin it now..


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