Francophonie Day: Saint Lucia observes shared heritage with the French

Francophonie Day: Saint Lucia observes shared heritage with the French

(GIS) — The International Organisation of La Francophonie in partnership with Alliance Française has launched the official activities for Francophonie Day 2019.

International Francophonie Day, observed on March 20, is an annual celebration of the French language and Francophone culture within the International Organization of La Francophonie’s 77-member states.

Marcia Symphorien, the Francophonie national correspondent, said the month-long observance celebrates Saint Lucia’s shared heritage with the French.

“Saint Lucia will be joining the rest of the Francophonie community in the observance of Francophonie month. We celebrate Francophonie month because we have a number of things in common as a community, and one of the things that we share is the linguistic heritage based on the French. In addition to celebrating our membership with the Francophonie, the month is about sharing and promoting Francophonie’s ideals and values. Some of those include promoting peace, promoting cultural diversity, promoting the French language, promoting education and training, higher education, research, and sustainable development.”

Alliance Française has organized a series of linguistic and cultural events, including a circus by French Caribbean Department, a French breakfast, and a French play.

Monique Auguste, the cultural supervisor for Alliance Française, said the play is based on a popular book.

“We will be putting on Petit Plus, an adaption of a very well-known children’s book. After the Bible, it is one of the most translated books in the world. It follows a story of the narrator who is trapped in the dessert,” she explained.

Alliance Française invites the public to the production, which will be showcased on March 20 at the St Joseph’s Convent, at 7 p.m.


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