Franco-St.Lucia Security Commission reactivated

Franco-St.Lucia Security Commission reactivated
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Ten years after being set up and with a number of years of dormancy, the Franco-Saint Lucia Security Commission is moving forward to implement and formalise documents of its cooperation.

The commission is holding its 5th Joint Security Meeting here today (May 20) in that regard.

The Franco-St. Lucia Security Commission came about on March 5, 2004 in order to organise cooperation between the two neighbouring islands, and providing a link with the Embassy of France in Castries, and the Prefecture of the Region Martinique in Fort de France with an objective of organising and addressing issues relating to maritime security, extraditions, human and drug trafficking, natural disasters risk management, and to promote judicial cooperation between the two islands.

While admitting that documents may not be fully formalised during today’s proceedings, French Ambassador Eric de La Moussaye said he is pleased that after a period of dormancy, the commission is finally gaining momentum. He expressed confidence that things will advance in a timelier manner this time around.

de La Moussaye commented that a main reason for the dormancy was a lack of followups on matters discussed and agreed to at previous meetings.

He said however, action will be taken soon after today’s meeting, since the commission plans to immediately assess matters discussed and move towards achieving goals.

“We will check the points that we agree on and we will check the points that we can work together. We will have workshops on each point and then a little team of technocrats will work together in Martinique, France and the Embassy,” he said.

The ambassador informed that next year, the commission will meet in Fort de France, Martinique to assess whether the goals set from today’s meeting were achieved. This approach was absent in the past, he said.

“The other committee didn’t do that. They met like this [today] and [then] said bye bye. So we want to change that. We want to progress. We have talked for lots of years on these topics but this is the first time that we are agreeing – our two governments- to go further and to [prepare] for signing these texts which are important for the security of our two islands. That is most important. We want to increase the security between us in our common interests,” he said.

The ambassador said that coming to terms with a final agreement is not easy since St. Lucian law and French law are different. “So we have technical problems, not political problems.”

The ambassador said he is hoping that by the end of the week, the commission will be satisfied with the level of discussions held.

He said that while St. Lucia and Martinique have been allies for years, the commission is a way of formalising the cooperation to have both sides “much more comfortable.”

Meanwhile, National Security Minister Victor La Corbiniere echoed the ambassador’s sentiments by calling today’s meeting a long delayed one.

La Corbiniere in presenting remarks, advised that while both countries have held talks for over 10 years on various traditional security matters, clear consideration should be given to economic and cybercrimes, which are some of the more modern forms of criminality.

It is hoped that with an increase in tourist traffic in both Martinique and St. Lucia, ensuring security is a way of preserving each nation’s appeal.

The commission has facilitated and organised exchanges of services, staff training, maritime cooperation, organisation of coordinated medical evacuations, and assistance in cases of natural disasters such as Hurricane Thomas in 2010 and the tropical storm of last Christmas.


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  1. I am yet to see any "Blacks" in Martinique who hold key positions in the Governance of this country.


  2. Minister of just-us sorry it your head that's the target but these pressing issues must be addressed . It's been pending to long , honestly I don't even care if a police is prosecuted or not we just need clarification because the little aid we use to get from U.S. It's being missed dearly right now, but idiot you'll brought this on yourselves by dragging you'll feet playing like its answers you'll looking for and the parties involved are fully aware of what's going on.


  3. Mr. La Corbs we know that the real motive of this dormant now envigorated meeting is your administration's way of trying to get out of the bound placed on us by the US. I am surprised that you have not called on Venezula for secriuty aid. I know that move would not go down too god with the US thats why you have not done that.
    The US has placed an embargo on us in trying to get us to do the right thing for our people you will not succeed at brushing them aside. We always end up in more problems when we try to take the easier way out. I see that you are trying all types of tactics to get out. Do whats right submit your report.


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