Francisco would have done better than Henry: Jadia Jn Pierre

By SNO Staff

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Francisco Jn Pierre

Francisco Jn Pierre

Former Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel has said that her father, Francisco Jn Pierre, stood a better chance at performing as a government minister, when compared to others.

In a recent Facebook post, Jn Pierre-Emmanuel said: “The face you make when Prime Minister Allen Chastanet try and take your father for papishow. Hello…he has a “gooder” chance of performing than lament! Sa pas right! Put some RESPECK on it!”

Jn Pierre – Emmanuel was referring to Senator Jimmy Henry as “lament.” Henry was appointed Minister in the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives.

But just one month ago, Jn Pierre-Emmanuel told Saint Lucia Labour Party supporters at a political rally that she would rather support the Member of Parliament for Laborie, Alva Bapstiste, than her father.

She had also said: “There is a lesson that you must teach the UWP in Laborie. For my sake, ensure that Francisco Jn Pierre losses his deposit and then the day after the election we will hold a big meeting…”

When asked to comment on the issue, senior Jn Pierre told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Thursday that he does not subscribe to his daughter’s Facebook page and he wold prefer not to comment on the issue.

He told SNO that despite his loss to Baptiste, he plans to continue advocating and working with the people of Laborie to ensure that the constituency is improved.

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  1. Oh please! Jadia is no role model. She bashed her Father so badly on an SLP platform. She even wanted him to lose his deposit and now she wants to come and speak on his behalf. Get lost Jadia. Get a damn life. You are nothing but Kenny Anthony"s puppy.

  2. SaintLuciaActivist

    Show some dignity and class Mrs. JnPierre. the elections are over. If you really want to criticize the government and put them on the spot come back in about 200 days from now. Until then, take a page from the hermit crab and go back in your shell.

  3. Never realized so many people were jealous of you girl. I am now wondering why, why all the hate and jealousy. I guess they are putting their case forward hoping that the pm will reject Nancy and give them the position. hold your head up high those that are for you are definitely more than those spewing venom here

  4. Jomoshamgar Lubumba

    Lest we forget! There is another person in the Labour Camp, who KDA appointed to spread his party’s propaganda. From Monday to Friday on 90 minutes this Labour mouthpiece spewed and echoed a tone of diatribe, playing Good Cop and Bad Cop in one voice, on Our National Radio Station (RSL), with Tax Payer's Money at that. That, to me was criminal! Now, he "Shield them Daniel' is trying to be a political Martyr. I think he needs to visit his favorite physician (deceased Dr. Risby?) at La Toc. "Shield them Daniel" go take your “meds” need a fix? You have become quite boring! Just step aside, you have outlived your usefulness. You are shameless……… if I was the PM, I would send you to the RSL library to shelve books an/or to organize the archives. In other words, I would shelve you.

  5. What a bunch of bull. People here telling Jaida to apologize to the father as if they know if their relationship personally; but know this you know it all respect for your father starts at home and not on a platform at elections. Everyone has a choice and freedom of speech to say what's on their minds.
    Some of you needs to take several seats to the far left

  6. Now jadia your party has loss what will you do my girl you should never said any bad about your daddy for blood is thicker than waters your dad for forgiveness

  7. This girl worships KDA. She speaks more of him tham even her own husband....
    On one hand she uses the word of God whenever it suits her. She soeaks of hate everyday but i see nothing but a lil girl full of animosity and hatred within. She still behaves like a child looking out to correct every grammatical error. Lile prvious ppl say she needs to take a break from fb.and find her ground. Heal bk. She is suffering from serious defeat.

  8. and thats the real raw material that was sugar coated...for all those who took politics so personal.and made enemies..both slp and uwp...reality will indeed bitch slap all of u...

  9. Jadia, you go girl. You can demand attention at will and who vex vex.

  10. Jadia ranks second among the top five who brought the SLP to their knees. She must be sent on indefinite retirement because with persons like her around the SLP will not occupy the seat of government for another 25 years

  11. Why do people keep saying oh she is so educated etc, she has a freaking bachelors degree, everybody in st.lucia has one now and even masters. Oh she is a role model to young women cuz she had a daughter at 16 and look at all what she accomplished. Like seriously ppl. The girl is a good public speaker i give her that but thats about it. Disrespectful, i use to be able to tolerate you girl but not anymore. Accept defeat and move on.

    • I couldn't have said it better.

    • I so agree with your comment. If my child told me this girl was her role model, I would take her to a shrink. St. Lucia has way better role models than this disrespectful young woman. So many children are products of teenage pregnancies and their mothers have accomplished even more. Tell this young lady to get off her high horse and travel a little. Experience the world because it is obvious that her world can fit into a capsule.

  12. Even if I never supported the SLP I really looked highly of jadia I must say I once admired the way she managed her position but now all I see is a woman whose out to disrespect her father ridiculing Mr.jn.pierre...everyone makes mistakes wen giving speeches....who are u to condemn the man and I really like the way Mr jn Pierre is handling her...very quietly....let her wonder...i really need to get itself back in order

  13. Isn't it democracy as well? Isn't it democracy at work. Please. Jadia has a right to write, Is she dumb? No! She's not. She's one the best talent, St. Lucia ever proceed. You are the same set of people who was condemning and that was calling her death. You are the same ones that was upset at her medical bills that's Including Chastenet who mention it on political platform in the present of her Father - he just stood there and did nothing, epic... Tanto tanto one day you'll understand not to play politics with the future of this country. You can lie to win an election, do vodoo etc. etc. but you can't fool the people all the time...

    • talent. I can give you a long list of St. Lucian women and her name does not appear. Being able to rave and rant and quarrel comes very easily to the row row loving person.

      The country paid for her medical expenses. It means my money did too. I have no regrets. She, unlike many others, had this luxury. She should be grateful instead of being classless and disrespectful in her rants. It is obvious that she does not have the talent to oppose without letting hatred and anger consume her. Please let her know that she can do both.

  14. Look like she very sensitive by Shawn. Child go take care of your husband, if he is still around

  15. Why doesn't this young lady just sit back and behave respectably. She seems to be doped by a labour pill which prevents her from thinking rationally. While she possesses some positive attributes from where I sit the negative far outweighs.


  17. My goodness, Jadia stop making people give you maypwee on the WORLD-WIDE WEB.
    The whole world is reading those comments and it's ashame for some of us St.Lucia women.
    That's really day-classay.
    As a woman who was holding such an important position in government that's how low you stoop?
    Why aren't the politicians behaving this way. Some of them are going through the healing process by keeping away from those verbal abuse.
    This is not the appropriate way to get healing.

  18. I can't wait for the day when Lucians will Stop taking this politics thing so serious .regardless what happened url fail to see the bigger picture I for one don't think she was ever against her father .but in heist of the moment with the political carnival to hype up the ignorance u say stuff your representatives will come with empty promises .it's their job everyone wants to win . Long Live my country my home regardless which party is in power we''re all empowered to make it a better place cheers

  19. wow!!!! is that the same jadia and fransisco jn pierre??

  20. Can a fountain send out sweet and bitter water.... you shall know the tree by the fruits..

  21. My dear colleague, there is no need to try to constantly prove yourself. It is sad that your desperation has turned you from someone we thought could have been a mentor for our daughters to someone who has lost focus and, consequently, the respect of the St. Lucian and wider public. In case he has never told you, there are obvious signs that Dr. Anthony does not like all this drama. He is an established lawyer, ex prime minister and has, during his terms in government, secured his retirement gratuity and pension. He also has a wife who can hold her own. If you remove him from your equation, what have you accomplished?

  22. This young mother proves everyday that she likes to be the centre of attention. She feeds off the comments on social media. When we are young we do stupid things, and regret them as we grow older when the politicians we try to defend are retired and have happy family lives. These outbursts are mere reflections of inexperience.

  23. Its not hard to figure out who are the UWP fans from these comments. Hypocrisy at the highest..all along you should make up with your father!!!!!! make back with you father family!!!! but because ull believe ull see a hint of her standing up for her father the comments shift next side. Now this is a strong black educated woman who lack the support of her father growing up and still trying to develop herself as a young lady instead of getting support from him, he literally went to the opposite side to fight what she standing up for. So yes she is a hurt black woman who even now didn't get the support she maybe desperately wanted from her father and yes maybe she went about it the wrong way. but the hypocrites on social media basing and bullying her not any better...all i see is pure JEALOUSY in the words ull type....its politices but ull worse than the politicians

    • Take a sit down.... Fool!!! Are u retarded???

    • not difficult tp know the laba

    • Now this is a strong black educated woman who lack the support of her father growing up and still trying to develop herself as a young lady instead of getting support from him, he literally went to the opposite side to fight what she standing up for. "
      seriously?? what exactly was Jadia standing up for? the mizee roro and bobol of a few political party guys?

      I dont get this at all. Its like if my father is a baptiste preacher I as a man or woman with my own family cannot join the penticostal church, even if God gives me new light?? no you seem to suggest I must just remain where "my mother put me" like is commonly said. this thinking is moronic and unindependent.

      she supports her party, fransisco supports his party. he didnt betray her. I dont know where you get that rubbish from. likewise, she didnt betray him for not supporting him. BUT she did disrespect him by publicly stating she supports Alva over him and wants him to loose. Thats what is betrayal in a democracratic process which she isnt part of (doesnt vote there)

    • Francisco jn.pierre.

      It's very unfortunate lol that your information is far from the being the truth. As you will appreciate that I have stayed away from this subject as much as possible. My contribution to my children upbringing are public information if you care you can take time to research. Hey I have 3 children that attended uwi. Hey make a search at the land registry you will be able to speak from a position of fact next time. My decision to contest election on any political party ticket is my choice. This is the freedom of association our Constitution allows. It's more than insane to think that was to oppose her.Rise up and let's smile to the rising sun.

  24. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one

  25. so facebook posts is news these days? I don't agree with Jadia's attitude but my goodness give the girl a break. She is currently trying to comprehend what just happen with her party's humiliating loss. At the end of the day she is human and a Lucian, lets move on, hopefully she can as well.

  26. Jadia needs to realise that no one takes her seriously anymore....she has lost the respect of many and is one of those who contributed to SLPs loss! So little girl take a back seat ...the show is over now

  27. These political fanatics will say and do anything to remain in the spotlight. Although she held a key position in the former administration, it appears she din't learn much in terms of professionalism and maturity. Anyway I hope she find something worthwhile to do to keep her occupied.

  28. His party is in power so today he is her father. Girl get a life.

  29. As a leader/manager u hv to take decisions which is in the best interest of our organisation....jimmy gv a good run and almost won his seat.....u want to reward that n to increase his winning possibilities at the poll...instead or him walking thru dennery as "jimmy who lost the seat" he will be walking around as minister jimmy. This will better his chances at the nect election..........whether francisco is minister or not based on the outcome of the last election the probability of him winning at the next polls is still very slim. do the same if i was pm

  30. when will she stop

  31. Jadia you have no shame, you said you would rather vote for Alva before your father because Alva is a man of integrity, which means your father has none and now you are out of a job because your party failed miserably at the polls you want to come out to say your father stand a better chance at performing as a Government Minister than Henry. You should have apologizes to your father in the first place because in your words he has no integrity. The SLP your party, did not think highly of him may be it is because of you that is why he had to switch allegiance

  32. Sick and tired of this creep

    My fellow St. Lucia it time to unite, we are all Lucian and we are rule and governed by which ever prime minister the people chose..
    So I think its time we put all these nosenses behind and move forward, for a better St. Lucia.
    Give the man an "chance to prove himself"
    And stop all this "hall lay casse:::

    Let's work together for what we stand for.
    The Land
    The people
    The Light..
    Hand in hand to build a "STRONGER and BETTER ST.LUCIA"""
    ONE LOVE..!!!!

    • I agree with you. They talking about Jadia but she might be better off than them. Don't involve yourselves in father and daughter's business. I have learnt family arm with bend but not break. Let her father deal with the issue. At the end of the day they are still family. So move on let's stop blaming this person and that person. Things are hard everywhere even right here in Dominica. Soon everyone will be blaming UWP. Let's pray and wish everyone well.

  33. Slno please don't quote Jadia. She's not relavant. This girl has no manners nor class. All she does is try to stir trouble and that's exactly what she's trying to do now. She still trying to make fun of her father by referring to him as being "gooder"

    Jadia looks like a wavet. This is the beast Kenny created. Slp unless you'll don't get rid of her you'll will NEVER get my vote or any one I know. She is not professional and takes her position to the gutter. Jadia have several seats, n try getting knocked up if u need something to do. Choopz, bye felicia!

    • You are so ignorant. Because Jaida expressed an opinion you call her a wave when your mother us the queen of roaches
      take several seats and buy bygone for your household

  34. Jadia was someone I once admired. looked up to because at her age she had a lot going for her. Even before publicly disrespecting her dad I must say she has no dignity or class she is just a woman who loves attention and dramas.I've lost all respect for her with her recent behaviour. Some people believe she is their role model well I think she is just a piece of useless shit. She is a disgrace to women after putting the icing on the cake for attempting to ridicule her dad!!!!!!!!!.She needs to GROW THE HELL UP and stop encouraging all the slandering and drama. Move on and accept defeat. Geeez man enough of the obsession.

  35. such a hypocrite u are jadia. pick a side, a respectful daughter who will support her father regardless, or a spiteful ungrateful unappreciative spoiled brat who would publicly drag their father for the filth. again, your mother shud have spit you out.

  36. Damn if you do damn if you don't!!!

    You are a bunch of hypocrites weren't you all the same ones bashing her for the way she spoke about her dad.
    Hasn't it occurr to you that she may have made up behind closed doors as you all requested?
    Leaves me to wander what you you have to say given that she was to laugh and joke openly at the fact that he lost and topping it off he was not given a ministry!

    • Oh plz stop being stupid. If she was being genuine she would not still be ridiculing him by referring to him as "gooder" knowing full well it's not a word. It was a slang he used and she's throwing shade at him with it. That girl is dangerous and does not belong in the public eye.

      • She Is being very sarcastic in that remark. She is throwing pawol for her father still. She just can't seem to shut up.

      • I am confuse ...UWP won the elections right? Just asking because it seems like the supports more bitter than that of the SLP. OH well dont take my head off for this comment

        • That is what plenty of SLP hacks have been saying. That the UWP even though they have won are bitter.

          Let me break it down, to you'll folks on why it appears to you guys why UWP is "bitter".
          Try to picture yourself as a school child who for the past four and a half years has been bullied, teased, shut down for expressing your opinion, ridiculed etc. You faced an onslaught of boasters etc, always claiming that their family is rich, educated, could give them this and that.
          You attempted to defend yourself but luck was not on your side as your family was not in the position to come to your aid or be of any assistance.
          Now common entrance is coming up and everyone wants to succeed, you as and all your "tormentors". It is a test which would determine which secondary school you will spend the next years at. Everyone wants to come out with top marks and make it for the top school.
          Your tormentors are confident in themselves, they continue to harass you, of course you fight back too.
          So the time comes for the test.
          Results are in. Your torments failed MISERABLY. And you won and got to the top school.
          You are ecstatic. You now rub it in their faces. You match venom for venom.
          Almost like good for you.

          You see what you are witnessing here has nothing to do with politics but has everything to do with human nature. It is not a St.Lucian thing or a Caribbean thing. Right or wrong it is human nature.
          The holiest among us no matter what situation we are in, if we feel vindicated, if we feel that those who ridiculed or opposed us got taught a lesson, we WILL still rejoice somewhat.

          Ask your self that question if SLP had won and given how the hacks behavior has been in the past, how do you think they would behave?
          I am betting all the money I have, trust me they would be rubbing it in the faces of the UWP.

          Human nature my friend , human nature.

    • Can everyone who contested an election get a ministry. In 2011 did Kenny give Timothy Mangal a ministry. Did he give ministries to Austina Fanis, Lelia Harracksingh and Albert Freggis. Jadia I suggest that when SLP possibly gets into power again in the next 30 years you will give your father a Ministry. But then again you might not be around, because I suspect that SLP will get rid of you sooner than later, because you are one of the main cause of their demise. By the way where is Jade Brown?

    • She insulted him publicly...its not too late to reconcile publicly

    • U damn fool... U mean wonder!!! Right?

  37. It was that man a few weeks ago but today he is my father. Lol

  38. Can some one remind this young lady thatshe isnt uwp presss secretary. And if she is seeking attention i can give her some. Lol

  39. On June 06 let us send a strong message to Allen Chastenet and the United Workers Party. Poor girl she can't accept the feedback from the message she sent out!!!!! Time to move on hun....

  40. Is Jadia, the Kanye West of St Lucia?

  41. If Jadia can diss her own father in chew him and spit him out like a dog..would you trust Jadia with the affairs of out country? If she has no respect for her father, do u think she will have respect for anyone? begins at home..and if it didn' start from her home...what makes u think she will do go for others...Jadia needs a pychiatic evaluation...she is obsessed with politics. She needs a time out

  42. I hope when they finish the st Jude hospital they have a mental ward, just for people like her.

  43. I dont think jadia was serious about this. I am of the belief that she was being sarcastic , i do believe however she is too much. when will she stop? why is she so hard on the father's case "in saint lucian terms"

  44. I wish this classless twat would disappear into the abyss of nothingness where she belongs. Just shut up. One minute you said forcefully that you would support Alva 100 against your father. Now you caping.

  45. C'mon guys. Can't you see Jadia is deliberately making these statements in a desperate attempt to bring attention to herself. Go park yourself in a corner my girl...chupse

  46. If SLP wants to go forward the best thing they should do is disassociate themselves with Jadia.
    If she continues to be associated with the party and continues displaying her nonsensical, immature rants then rest assured UWP will be in power for a very long time.,

    She must realize that people are extremely turned off by behavior of this kind and what she was incessantly displaying over the past couple of years.

    She portrayed her self as an articulate and vocal person, but juxtapose this against rants like this , her cantankerous attitude and you will see that she holds no weight.

    I suggest she takes sometime off and reinvent herself and do some introspection.
    There is no need to act like a little teenager.

  47. Supporters of the Labour Party have made this girl think she is so much more than she is and it has gone way pass her head to put it light. Professing to be wise in her own damn eyes she is baking nothing but a classic fool out of her self. Jadia if you're reading this tone down your arrogant self, get off your fantasy high horse, and invest your time and effort in learning to be humble. Who fooled you into thinking that you are all that and a bag of chips? Outside of St. Lucia you are nothing. Take stock and stop your arrogance. Oh I forgot iron sharpens iron and indeed your boss Kenny well sharpened you with his arrogance.

    • The True Sabbath is Saturday (Study for Yourself)

      This is so true... High Five to you!!! :-)... A lot of St. Lucians may have not been a press secretary but have many educational achievements "under their belt;" and have remained humble. I know of many who have done brilliant research in Psychology, Engineering, English, Nursing, the Natural Sciences and so forth. Pride comes before a fall. Jadia please humble yourself... A strong person is not known by how loud, eloquent, and sarcastic he/she can be under defeat; but is known by using wisdom as silence.
      Proverbs 17:28 King James Version (KJV)
      " Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding."

    • Tell me David ate you something outside St. Lucia or any of your family,?
      Why don't you learn to respect people's opinion and stop being so high and mighty
      if you live in a glass house don't throw stones

  48. Jadia shut up, u not a uwp memeber. Keep all your ideas and opinions for labour party..... that's not your role....

  49. lol Since when facebook posts are news? In any case, isn't this a case of sarcasm?

  50. Jadia what is plan B my child? Now that daddy kenny has abandoned ship.

  51. her level of disrespect towards her father is so embarrassing .Gooder... wow....what a shame . i will never vote slp again if she is around. aa honour ur father doesnt apply to her aa. and she is really underestimatin the power in henry. henery had only 2 weeks and gv shawn that beating... aaaa i am so ashamed aa .nobody judged u 4 hv ur kid at 15 but he made a silly mistake and yu getting on like that smh

  52. Can that young lady just please keep quiet. She has a typical laboritis mouth infection. They say one thing, loudly and openly, then when it suits them-say something else. Hello, Jadia, you should have thought before deriding your father for politics sake, Now the people of St. Lucia don't need your 1/4 cent opinion about who gets ministries or not. I can assure you that Mr. Jn Pierre will get a respectable position where he can continue to serve the people of this beloved country.

  53. Dont why we lucians cant stay out of family business. Try and put emnity both father and daugther will turn on you. Thats blood..... its thicker than water...

  54. That woman is thought Alva could have done better than your father and now you want to tell Chas what to do....I honestly thing that woman is seeking attention...Mr Husband please give your woman some attention....there's a void there panda.

    If Laba ever have to consider winning an election again they need to disassociate themselves from this woman because as long as she's there people will be turned off.

  55. Jadia y dont u stay out of the people business. That same dad "that man" u had so much to say about but now. Lol

    • Damn if you do damn if you don't!!!

      And this is the same man that she has come to defend. Tut tut! #forgiveness#moving on.

  56. I like that Mr Jn Pierre. keep your class and dont get to the gutter level

  57. what is wrong with the Queen of HATE ms Jadia. I am so disgusted with this young girl. Someone I hang with while at uwi open on the morne .this is a different monster now. You criticise the man and made it seem he is so irrelevant. And supported your government over your blood openly and blatantly. but now you want to come and tell the PM how to run his house.
    Noone close to you should ever trust you girl. AWA for you.

    AND STOP THE ATTENTION SEEKING. you are a bad example for youth

  58. yu jealous of jimmy. he gv shawn a good lament tho. yu now pleading for your dad whom yu say lacked integrity to get position

  59. Jade Brownskin girl

    Someone needs to put a nozzle on this creature unleashed on an unsuspecting public since 2011. At first it was cool, and nuevo, now this gremlin is just an overrated WAVET MEDIA. Ignoring her rants will be best. Unless its an official labour party release, lets try to not broadcast her foolishness

  60. Now I am convinced that this young lady is loco. Even whiles she is attempting to make a case for a father she is attempting to ridicule him by using the word "Gooder". Jadia he used this slang in the right context. Are you doing all of this because of the BRICES? I understood they believe that the votes are still being counted and the results are not yet out.

  61. Is. Jadia under the influence of .......
    She dissed her father. SLP would not have run him as a cAndidate. If by chance SLP had won this election they would give him sweet nothing and now Jadia want to try a cheap shot.
    My question again. Is Jadia under the influence of .......

  62. Wow, when does the bashing end. When do we as a people stop being so bitter, wish each other well and move on.

  63. Jadia Jadia Jadia!!! You wanted to control the affairs of the SLP now you want run the country for UWP. Please sit in the corner and take a chill pill. Your input is not need nor requested. You are the two headed monster which took down the SLP. Prime Minister Chastanet is doing what he thinks is best for the country and not what is best for you or your family.

  64. What's wrong with that child...young lady relax.....sounds like you wannna make a fun of ur superior. ....

  65. I don't even see why people take this girl seriously still.

  66. Jadia Jean Pierre always speaks about uwp is she jealous and u girl leave jimmy alone because valley people will fswallow u please leave jimmy henry alone he will perform to the best of his ability and u have no business with uwp stay far. A bunch of invaders.

  67. I am not a fan of jadia, but I must agree with her on that one. But as to why she is all of a sudden coming to his defense, I don't know.

    • Every one who criticise the young lady are only pretending not to understand her. Lets put aside the relational aspect for a while although none of them have touched on what may be the real issue between these two people. What is in fact being conveyed is Alva is better abled politician than all of UWP. Her position has not changed.

      • jadia is a sore loser..she has yet to digest the fact that her party lost and that she is no longer the press secretary or the communications speaker or whatever the name of the post was which was not necessary at all..her remarks are not of well wishes they are to ridicule her father because he wasnt appointed a minister..she is being sarcastic about her "concern"..on elections day jadia came by the school where her dad was just to show her face she is a very malicious, spiteful human being Boo boo in case you havent noticed you aint no press secretary you aint shit so get off your high horse and stop acting like a fool stop being the drama queen that you clearly are..your smart mouth will land you in a pot of boiling water this is no way for a former press secretary to be conducting herself..your posts and comments are immature, ignorant, disrespectful, think you doing yourself any good by posting the nonsense that you do even if you have your followers liking and commenting in support of the crap you write. im sure there are some who think what youre doing is wrong but dont have the guts to stop you will stop eventually love...i feel sorry for you ...God bless you love you need it .

  68. smh jadia u should be ashame of yourself,u told everyone not to vote for your father he is this and he is that, now u want to come and tell us how to run our party

  69. she wanted Alvin to win, now that it happened why is she even talking about her father. she asked ppl to vote against him, god is good Jn Pierre will get help from the pm to improve the life of laborians

  70. Why are we still talking about Jadia? Nobody cares about her opinion.


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